Indian Pilot Captain Zoya, the only pilot to secure a place in SFO Aviation Museum


  • In 2021, Captain Zoya Agarwal made a record for flying a plane above the North Pole.
  • Under her leadership, an Air India all-women team of pilots covered the world’s longest air route to Bengaluru in India from San Francisco(SFO) in the US covering the North Pole.
Indian Pilot Captain Zoya creates history by becoming the only pilot to secure a place in US Museum
Image Source- Captain Zoya along with her teammates at the Airport after the successful voyage.

Air India pilot Captain Zoya Agarwal of Boeing -777 became the first Indian female pilot to secure a place in the San Francisco aviation museum on August 19. She is known for her record of becoming the first Indian female pilot to fly a plane above the North Pole. 

Securing a ‘Spot’ in Museum

In 2021, Zoya led an Air India all-women team of pilots covering the world’s longest route to  Bengaluru in India from San Francisco(SFO) in the US covering the North Pole.

Covering the longest distance of 16,000 Kilometres, she claims her place in the San Francisco museum.

San Francisco Aviation Luis A Turpen Aviation museum, which is commonly known as SFO Aviation Museum was impressed by the landmark achievement of Air India female Pilots. In acknowledgment of her efforts and a source of inspiration to all women across the world, consequently, they offered her a spot in their museum.

Talking to the news agency, Captain Zoya revealed that she is the only human to secure a place as a pilot in the museum. She said she was amazed to see she was the only living object over there and added that she was humbled honestly.

“I was amazed to see that I’m the only living object over there, I am just humbled honestly. I can’t believe that I am a part of a prestigious aviation museum in the USA,” Captain Zoya told ANI.

A museum official said she is the first Indian pilot to be included in our program. Besides having a remarkable career with Air India including her record-breaking flight from SFO to Bengaluru in 2021 with an all-female crew. Her positivity about the world and her commitment to helping other girls and women achieve their dreams is deeply inspiring.

Also adding that “Being able to record and share Captain Agarwal’s personal history allows SFO Museum to preserve the excitement and the historic nature of her extraordinary career with current and future generations of aviation enthusiasts,” officials of the SFO aviation museum asserted.

Officials of the museum claimed that they were honored by the Captain’s participation and were hoping to educate and inspire the coming generations.

Captain Zoya said it’s a proud moment for her and her country.

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San Francisco Aviation Luis A Turpen Aviation Museum

San Francisco Aviation Luis A Turpen Aviation Museum, commonly known as SFO Aviation Museum was launched at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) in 1980. It utilized little more than images on walls as a means to beautify and humanize the Airport’s environment. Since then, it has grown into a dynamic exhibition program with galleries throughout all five terminals and developed an ever-growing collection of objects, now numbering more than 150,000 related to the history of SFO and commercial aviation.

According to the International Society of Women Airlines, the number of women pilots has increased in the country. Today, the nation holds one of the world’s largest proportions of female pilots. The data accounts for 12.4% of all Indian pilots which is more than twice the 5.5% in the US, according to ANI reports. 

Captain Zoya Agarwal

Presently, Captain Zoya Agarwal is the commander of B777 and United Nations(UN) spokespersons at the United Nations Women. She is also known for encouraging and motivating young girls to fly the flight of their dreams.

She holds the record of first female aviator on the North Pole.


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