According to a report published by a private organization called ‘Statista’, the Indian Defense Ministry provides the highest number of jobs all over the world.

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Statista is a private organization located in Germany. The organization publishes reports which contain infographics and data on various issues. The reports are based on various worldwide subjects.


In a recent report, it is stated that the defense department of the present central government of India has provided jobs to 2.92 million people, which is the highest in the world. In their recent data, it shows the defense ministry of India provided the highest employment in various services of defense which includes combining active service personnel, reservist, and civilian staff. 

In the report, the US Department of Defence is in the second position, which provided 2.91 million jobs to their people. The US positions a head below India.

According to a report, China is in the third position. China’s People’s Liberation Army employs around 2.5 million people. 

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The report also says that the US retail giant Walmart is in the number one position with the highest number of employees i.e 23 million which no other company has. The American Multinational Technology Company Amazon has 1.6 million employees and it contains the second position. 

The report also comprises the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s data on the total expenditure of defense worldwide. According to that, the total expenditure on defense in the world, last year reached 21 trillion dollars the. It is the highest number ever. 

America spends the most on defense in the world. After that comes, China and then India. In 2021, the US spent 801 billion dollars on defense, China 293 billion dollars, and India 76.6 billion dollars.

Four years ago, India’s Defense Ministry ranked 5th.

Four years ago in 2018, India ranked fifth in the world in terms of defense expenditure. At that time India’s defense expenditure was 66.5 billion dollars. 

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India’s defense expenditure has increased by 10.1 billion in 2021. In 2021, the US spent 801 billion on defense. 

This is 1.4 percent less than the amount spent in 2020. China spent 4.7 percent more on defense in 2021 than in 2020.

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