IPL 2021 Match Between RCB vs MI

IPL 2021 Match Between RCB vs MI
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The match between Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Mumbai Indians was worth watching and, most importantly, worth remembering because it was the most anticipated match.

Extreme pressure was there for both the participating teams because both Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore are equally good with considerable teamwork and outstanding gameplay.

Both the teams were highly competitive with a neck to neck performance, with the spinners being the important decision-makers for this particular match.

Mumbai Indians started with an electric start with the openers Rohit Sharma and Quinton De Kock. The power-packed dynamic duo was bringing their 50 run-stand at the end of the brilliant performance.

The Gameplay: Strategies and Approach of Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore

ESPNcricifo’s statistical logs state that Royal Challengers motive is to attack with seven balls of spin, with Virat Kohli throwing off a good start by hitting three sixes in the first five overs.

Looking at this performance, viewers felt that Royal Challengers brought an upper hand in the game.

Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, were switching on their game by backing up their attacking instincts and skills.  They went for 20 out of the 48 balls thrown by the spinners.

Critics and commentators state that this approach was a wise and strategic one while batting in T20 matches because every team has a total of 10 wickets in hand over 20 overs.

Watching how Mumbai Indians were playing felt right, and the gameplay was superb irrespective of the result of the match.

However, Royal Challengers were on a whole different level. They weren’t aiming high at the initial stages, but eventually, they raised the bar with their slow bowlers.

The Star Players and their Highlights

Notable players of the night were Glenn Maxwell scoring 8.76 over playing only three attacking shots with 13 balls. All in all, it is safe to say that Maxwell did a tremendous job making a huge difference with his performance.

Harshal Patel also states that Maxwell is one of the most gifted batsmen. During training sessions, he never saw Maxwell play those shots, which proves that Maxwell is one of those rare players who brings superior skills and executes them beautifully under pressure.

In total, Maxwell scored a whopping 28 out of the 56 runs due to the short boundary along with the slowness of the surface, which made it convenient for him to line up the deliveries with precision and confidence.

The golden ace of the night was Harshal Patel thriving to a whole new level scoring a hattrick helping Royal Challengers Bangalore win against Mumbai Indians out for 111 for a 54-run win. Hardik, Pollard and Rahul Chahar fell prey to Harshal’s slow skill variations.

For the second time in a row, Harshal Patel was indeed the game-changer of the match bringing Royal Challengers Bangalore to victory.

Virat Kohli and Yuzvendra Chahal were also exceedingly good, and their performance made the Royal Challengers step closer and closer to win the match against Mumbai Indians.

The match was exciting to watch for the audience because both teams were good in their respective strategies but safe to say that Royal Challengers Bangalore stole the spotlight as they showcased a whole new level of skill, leaving everyone stunned at the end of the match.

This match itself was fascinating to watch and analyse. Fans and cricket lovers will expect more with time. Who do you think will be the ultimate winner and take the trophy home?

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