Is Samsung Foldable- A solid yet confused product?


Samsung is announcing price offers for Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip. It’s the pre-booking period, and Consumers can get the Galaxy Z Fold3 at ₹1,42,999 and Galaxy Z Flip3 at ₹77,999 during this period.

The Samsung foldable segment is now the third generation ahead of all its peers, putting pressure on them. Streamlining their production at the lowest cost, Samsung looks quite confident about foldable being the future to appeal to more consumers and making this a diverse mainstream segment. It simply means its Z foldable line is all set to replace the Note series, a famous range that mainly targets professionals.

Buying a phone in today’s time is definitely like diving into an ocean. How do I choose the best product? Okay, we have a battery, camera, storage, processor etc.

The marketplace quickly countered the average list of requirements. Until you decide to adjust your needs and budget, there’ll be a new model launching soon.

Galaxy Z fold 3

Galaxy Z fold 3, when compared to its previous foldable, feels lighter and has smaller dimensions. It feels like a tablet when left unfolded and is pretty sturdy with a hinge to add depth. It provides a 6.2inch cover screen and 7.6 infinity flex screen, 12GB RAM, 256GB fast storage and snapdragon 888 chip. The screen offers condensed info, dual apps, easy browsing, and its selfie camera is under the screen, hidden.

Consumers can easily use this phone for multiple purposes at once. The dual-screen can be used separately, making it feel like a 2 in 1.

 Comparing to its S21 lineup, it fails to stand out in that section with a smaller battery section and worse cameras. The drawback also includes the thickness and weight of the phone. It’s thicker with a weight of two phones.

Samsung’s foldable series might seem somewhat confusing to the audience. Their idea of diverse users makes you wonder what exactly it even means.

The identity crisis has become a part of almost every company’s problem.

The smartphone companies have maybe lost their purpose, and the market is getting cluttered. Recently, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 lineup— Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The series has a minimal scope to be differentiated from each other other than the sizes and battery. From Samsung to Apple, everybody wants to be different but shares the common goal of dominating the bottom market.

Although the company’s sheer confidence in its lineup is commendable, maybe instead of cluttering the market, if they focus on seeing the user’s experience, it would build a better feedback process; nevertheless, foldable are exciting for sure.

Mehak Mishra
Mehak Mishra
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