Kamaleshwar Mukhopadhyay arrest sparks a social media storm.


A protest was staged on Monday at Rashbehari crossing in south Kolkata over an alleged attack on a bookstall put up by the Left party the day before. According to Rajya Sabha MP Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya, the police detained filmmaker Kamaleshwar Mukhopadhyay as well as some CPI(M) workers.

The protest was over an incident that took place at the crossing.

Demonstration at the “busy” crossing might hamper Durga Puja Festivities

Mukhopadhyay said that the police arrested them claiming that the demonstration cannot be staged at the busy crossing because it will impede the passage of the populace attending Durga Puja, after he had been released.

The party members who were attempting to protect Bhattacharya from an assault when he was speaking at the demonstration had been detained by the authorities. 

Later on in the evening, Mukhopadhyay and the other individuals who had been detained earlier and brought to the headquarters of the Kolkata Police Department in Lalbazar were let go.

Regarding the incident, the police made no statement to the public.

Bhattacharya, the CPI(M) MP and senior advocate, said that they had gathered at Kamaleshwar Mukhopadhyay arrest sparks a social media storm. The protest was over an incident that took place at the Rashbehari crossing.

During the protest that took place on Monday, he claimed that some of the protesters, including filmmaker Mukhopadhyay and CPI(M) Kolkata district committee president Kallol Majumdar, were attacked again by people who were loyal to the ruling Trinamool Congress. He stated that the police had detained some of the protesters as a result of this allegation. 

Unrest among netizens in Social Media

Mukhopadhyay said that the police detained them stating that the protest cannot be held at the busy crossing as it will stall the movement of the Durga Puja crowd.

He stated that the party members who were attempting to protect Bhattacharya from an assault when he was speaking at the demonstration had been detained by the authorities. 

The detention of Mukhopadhyay has been met with anger from actors and directors in the film industry. 

“Afraid of books???? Books???”

“Afraid of books???? Books???” Film director Srijit Mukherji commented on the detention of Dr. Kamaleswar Mukhopadhyay on twitter, calling it being “deplorable on so many levels” He also showed his upport saying “With you, Kamalda, for whatever that is worth.” 

Ridhhi Sen, an actress, posted a message on Facebook saying ”Has this government gone insane? The arrest of Kamaleswar Mukherjee is SHAMEFUL. For what? For a bookstall? For supporting a protest against the plunder of a ‘bookstall ‘?” She called the arrest as a shareful act and that she strongly disapproves the detainment, calling it a “immensely meaningless and obnoxious act of flexing muscle power.”

Kamleshwar Mukherjee

Professionally, Dr. Kamaleswar Mukherjee works in the medical field. He graduated from the Medical College and Hospital of Kolkata back when it was associated with the University of Calcutta and went to high school at St. Lawrence High School in Kolkata.

He began his career in Group Theatre after leaving the medical field, then moved into advertising, and finally settled within the film industry. Mukherjee worked as an advertisement filmmaker before penning the script, music, and language for the film Natobor Not Out (2010).


Uro Chithi, his first picture as director, was widely praised upon its 2011 premiere. The film’s plot revolved around a series of 12 text messages sent between 12 different characters over the course of 12 months. 

Meghe Dhaka Tara

Meghe Dhaka Tara, a film based on the works of the Bengali director Ritwik Ghatak, was his next project. Ritwik Ghatak’s Meghe Dhaka Tara was influenced by both his life and his career as a filmmaker in Bengal. The time in Ghatak’s life when he was institutionalised for mental health treatment is an aspect of his life that the movie aims to depict. 

Meghe Dhaka Tara was a film that received high praise from film critics in the Bengali film industry, and it ended up taking home an award at the International Film Festival of India Centenary.

As an actor, he has worked in a significant number of movies. Mukherjee is not only a writer, but also a director and one of the founding members of the theatre company Shailushik, which is situated in Kolkata. In addition to that, he has experience in the fields of photography and computer graphics.


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