Police arrested 6 accused ; Autopsy Confirms Rape and Asphyxiation. 

On Wednesday night last week, the bodies of two young Dalit sisters who were kidnapped and later raped were discovered hanging from a tree in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. Locals barricaded the main road and prevented the police from transporting the bodies for autopsy, which is how the incident came to light.

The girls’ father, Rampal, claimed that his 15- and 17-year-old daughters were kidnapped on Wednesday afternoon when they were cutting fodder for their livestock outside their home by three motorcycle-riding criminals.


The tragedy that occurred on Wednesday is disturbingly similar to the two teenage girls who were discovered hanging from a mango tree in Katra village, Badaun district, in May 2017.

In a press conference held by police less than 24 hours after the incident, they identified the individuals who had been arrested: the primary suspect, a Dalit living near the victims’ family, and five Muslims who were also from the nearby village.

Sanjeev Suman, the superintendent of police, claimed that the accused had “made confessions” and outlined what had occurred.

Last week, police took four of the accused back to the village to “recreate the crime scene”

According to him, the girls went “willingly with them on their bike” and that “[the main accused] had introduced the females to two of the Muslim men and they became friends.”

“According to the accused, they were forcing the girls to marry them, refusing which they become furious and rape and strangle both of the victims. They then contacted two other friends, who assisted them in hanging the girls “Added he.

Impressions of the girls’ family who has been raped :

The families of the girls have also disputed the police’s version, claiming that it demeans their children.

the mother of the 17- and 15-year-old sisters, claims that three males riding a motorcycle abducted them.

She told the BBC, tears streaming down her cheeks, “When I tried to chase them, one of the males kicked me in the stomach and I went down.” She claims that by the time she was up again, her girls had disappeared into the neighboring fields.

The girl’s father claimed that his wife told the horrible news to him as he was heading home from the fields.

The people organized search teams and began searching the fields of sugarcane. They discovered the girls’ bodies hanging from a tree not far from their home two and a half hours later.

The police’s claim that the girls knew the accused is disputed by the family. They portray the sisters as independent, hard-working girls who handled all the housekeeping. The father further said “Our girls were quite simple; the police are just trying to fabricate the information about them.

The parents and grandparents of the accused insist that their children are not murderers

View of the accused’s family:

The residences of the five Muslim accused are a few kilometers apart from the homes of the victims.

The accused parents are certain that they are not murderers.

One of the accused’s fathers claims that the police called him while his son was heading back to Hyderabad, where he worked when they arrived at their house late at night.

The son arrived back from the bus near the town of Pilibhit, where he was taken into custody.

The Police took my son in another car while I remained in another vehicle with them. I wasn’t even permitted to meet him, “His father makes a claim.

“Later I found that my son had been shot in the leg by the Police personnel. I don’t know why they killed him. According to the police, there was an interaction, and they shot him because he tried to flee. But instead of fleeing, he was coming back. Why would he act in that manner if he was planning to flee?” He asks.

He adds that he believes only an investigation can expose the truth and says, “If he’s guilty, hang him, but at least perform an investigation correctly.”

Although the police have received applause for their speedy work in solving the Lakhimpur case, some locals and local journalists have expressed concern about the “hurry speed” with which the identities of the suspects were released.

Further update of rape case:

Arun Kumar Singh, additional superintendent of police in Lakhimpur Kheri, said that more questioning is still going on.

While monitoring the situation, Congress has voiced concerns about the state’s law and order.

Following the incident, Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi Vadra criticized the state government, saying, “The death of two sisters in Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh, is heartbreaking. The girls were stolen in broad daylight, the families claim. Daily false advertising in periodicals and on TV does not help law and order. After all, why are there more horrible crimes against women occurring in UP?”

More details on the situation are still awaited.

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