The iconic star Marilyn Monroe got a letter from a Nobel-winning writer John Steinbeck.

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Nobel-Winning letter: One of the most famous and beautiful stars of all time Marilyn Monroe gets a letter from John Steinbeck, back in April 1955. The letter was discovered among Monroe’s possessions after her unseeingly demise, and it was auctioned for $3,520 back in 2016.  



Shashi Tharoor’s interesting find: Viral Letter

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On Sunday, a letter to Marilyn Monroe was shared by author and politician Shashi Tharoor’s social media.  The letter has won Steinbeck’s fans with his charm. As the letter showcased his caring and loving nature toward his family with a twist of fun and charm in it.    

Shashi, Lok Sabha MP from Thiruvananthapuram, with the caption, “One of the most unusual letters I have ever come across from a famous author is the masterpiece from John Steinbeck to the immortal Marilyn Monroe. Every line and sentiment & detail is worth savouring!” 



John Steinbeck to Marilyn Monroe Noble Letter: The Story


(Source: The Guardian)

In the printed letter, dated April 28, 1955, Steinbeck wrote a letter to Marilyn requesting her to send her pensive and girlish mood picture with an autograph for his nephew-in-law Jon Atkinson in which he wrote, “In my whole experience I have never known anyone to ask for an autograph for himself. It is always for a child or an ancient aunt, which gets very tire case, as you know better than I. It is with nausea I tell you that I have a nephew named Jon Atkinson, who is at the age of puberty but that is only one of his two problems another one is you.”

Steinbeck also added, “On a recent trip to Texas, my wife made a fatal error of telling my nephew that I have met you. He doesn’t really believe it but his respect for me has gone ways up. And Now I get asked all kinds of silly favors, so I have no hesitation at all of asking one of you, would you send a picture of yourself in perhaps a pensive, girlish mood, inscribed to his name and indicating that u know of his existence.”



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