Maruti Suzuki expected to witness a rise in the coming year in its sales rate


  • Maruti to witness a sudden rise in the purchase of its Motorcycle, thereby giving positive insights about the company for future growth rate.
  • The company hopes to bring in new advancements in its manufacturing and production structure, in order to yield a better output amongst the already existing popular Automobile industry.

Automobile industry is one of the leading and the fast growing industry in today’s developing nation. Just like all the industries play a crucial role in uplifting the growth and development of a particular nation, similarly the Automobile industry also has a grave role to play in uplifting the transportation sector of our nation.

Unlike all the other necessities that we have at present from  different departments, usage of an appropriate mode of transport is also important for the people in today’s generation to commute from one region to another.

The distances could be in variation, but with an appropriate mode of transport one could easily fulfil the desired distance in less time, thus aiding towards its first advantage of saving time and distance.

One aspect that all the users or rather consumers demand from the automobile industry is an appropriate model of transportation based upon their convenience that they could purchase in order to satisfy their long wished desire.

Also in today’s era many view it as a status symbol in order to prove themselves superior to others, thus it all the more becomes crucial for the department to undergo certain advancements and up gradation that could result in more of revenue generation through a decent  purchase rate and also with more accessibility.

For people to cover long distances in a short people of time, thereby proving to be a convenient and a reliable mode of transport.

Automobile industry if we note from the very beginning has collaborated with a lot many industries and today it has reached to a global level in terms of car distribution across the globe.

But, still if we note the industries that have actually proved themselves superior in the eyes of the consumers are very few, that is mainly because  of the car efficiency and other reliable features that have proved to the consumers useful and worth purchasing.

One such industry that we all must be connected to since the very past, infact since the day its production and manufacturing started in terms of car making would be Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti is one of the most loved  car brands that a lot of people varying in there age groups are attached towards. From the very start the manufactured cars under this brand have acquired a decent name at the forefront.

Infact in the start of this brand popularising itself at the forefront, it has proved to one of the best brands. Maruti caters to different transport categories as it is involved in the  manufacturing of cars, bikes, trucks, buses, auto and many other small two Wheeler and four Wheeler vehicles.

It is a well known fact that advancement in the transportation sector is of great benefit to the entire popularisation irrespective of them being rich or poor, as travelling to places for work is a necessity that requires the usage of an appropriate medium for travelling.

In the recent year, it has been witnessed that the Maruti motorbikes have been in greater purchase, aiding to an increase in the revenue generation of the company slowly and gradually.

The division in the purchase of a specific transportation service varies according to the  need  of the person, thus all brands have started to come up with different modes of transport in order to put their customers at ease.

Looking at the growth rate in the starting of the year, in the first month can give us a positive insight that probably the  company could aid better growth rate in the recent years, thereby making the company again at the first position amongst all the other already beating competitors.

Thus, the company can execute better sales rate with the involvement of advancements in the Automobile industry.

Published By – Vanshu Mehra

Edited By – Subbuthai Padma



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