Max Verstappen responds over budget cap drama, tells rivals teams “Keep your mouths Shut”


There has been an ongoing budget cap drama, in light of the new budget cap that was introduced in 2021, to make the sport fair. The motive behind introducing the budget cap was that if all teams get to spend equally, the inequalities between teams and their cars will eventually narrow down.

There are speculations and rumors about two teams- Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin, to have exceeded the budget cap. This is a worry factor for Red Bull as rival teams, especially Mercedes, who believe they were robbed of the 2021 Driver’s Championship in Abu Dhabi, are saying that if it is true, then Red Bull have had an advantage this season as well. 

Max Verstappen responds over budget cap drama
Max Verstappen responds over budget cap issue.
Source: NCR News

Rivals have also urged the governing bodies to pin the rules on offenders, if they are guilty. This could very well cost Max Verstappen his World Championship title. On the contrary, Red Bull’s star driver is confident that the Austria-based team did not overspend, and has also told the rivals to keep their mouths shut. Verstappen also said that it is silly for other teams to pass comments when they don’t even know anything. So yes, for now they are just rumors, until Wednesday when the FIA will release reports. 

Max Verstappen responds over budget cap drama
Aston Martin also seems to have exceeded budget cap.
Source: Autosport

However, if Red Bull are found guilty and Max Verstappen loses his title, then it will go to Lewis Hamilton, which will be his record breaking eight World title.  

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