Met Gala Promoting Sustainable Fashion


The need and awareness to achieve sustainable fashion are growing every single day. Consumers and producers all around the globe are growing conscious of what they consume and what they produce, respectively.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable style or ethical fashion refers to clothing that designs and distributes to value social welfare, the rights of the workers working in the production process, and ensuring that creating clothes achieves an eco-friendly result.

Why is Sustainable Fashion Important?

All this also brings us to question why fashion today should be sustainable or eco friendly in nature. The fast fashion cycle practised today depletes the natural resources of the earth to a considerable degree.

The practice of fast fashion also exploits workers involved in the production process. The constant drive to create new collections every week for more significant consumption leads to overwhelming waste.

The annual Met Gala is a highly anticipated event where the elite gathers, dressing up in their finery. The met gala is that platform to create a fashion statement where your style does the talking! The 2021 Met Gala theme was ‘In America: a Lexicon of Fashion’.

It was delightful to witness celebrity guests encouraging sustainable fashion by wearing eco-friendly outfits to reduce the environmental impact.

Billie Eilish

The Met gala co-host Billie Eilish was wearing a flowing pale pink Oscar de la Renta ball gown. The reason behind choosing and wearing an Oscar de la Renta garment was to convince the fashion house to stop using fur throughout.

It is indeed really marvellous as to how this particular fashion choice was the fitting puzzle to convince Oscar de la Renta to stop promoting the use of animal fur is indeed commendable.

The New York Times states that the brand didn’t use fur in a fashion show for many years; however, it did sell fur pieces in their stores.

We aren’t entirely sure what used materials were in Billie Eilish’s stunning gown, but the outfit is undoubtedly animal-free. While being interviewed with the New York Times, Billie states that she is honoured to be the catalyst and have her opinion heard and followed.

She also exclaims, noting that it shocks and surprises her to witness that fur isn’t wholly outlawed, and people continue to practise it to this date.

Ella Emhoff, Nia Dennis And Julia Garer Wore Adidas By Stella Mc Cartney

Stella McCartney decided to introduce sustainable sports performance wear at this 2021 Met Gala, styling three young women representing each colour of the American flag.

Ella Emhoff

Met Gala Promoting Sustainable Fashion
Image Source: gettyimages

A well-known model, Ella, wore a custom Adidas red bodysuit and trousers designed by Stella McCartney. She paired the outfit with the designer’s red Earthlight sneakers made from recycled materials, including Primeblue, a recycled yarn.

Nia Dennis 

Met Gala Promoting Sustainable Fashion
Image Source: gettyimages

Gymnast Nia wore a leotard paired with Earthlight sneakers, Stella Stan Smiths, and a jumpsuit designed by Stella McCartney in collaboration with Adidas. After Dennis performed her routine with poise, leaving everyone in awe, she covered the dress up with a sheer hand-embellished gown carrying a vegan leather Falabella bag, a Stella McCartney classic outfit.

Julia Garner

Garner was wearing a white bodysuit covered with a Stella McCartney gown covered with sparkles.

Met Gala Promoting Sustainable Fashion
Image Source: gettyimages


Met Gala Promoting Sustainable Fashion
Image Source:

The spotlight fell right upon Lorde as she was wearing an exquisite gown with detailed handwork. The objects include pressed pennies, 1920s cabochons and 1940s Cracker Jack charms showing how upcycled fashion can be just as glamorous and fashion statement worthy. Her accessories were from Prounis Jewellery that favours recycled 22 karat gold.

It’s refreshing to see how fashion is slowly promoting sustainability and being conscious producers simultaneously. All this concludes how we consumers should try opting towards conscious consumerism to make our planet a better place and, most importantly, ensure that we are aware as human beings.



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