Mob’s rage moments from season 1 & 2 in Mob Psycho 100

Seeing Mob in full rage is always exciting, despite the fact that he’s a very insightful, compassionate, and socially awkward person. Above all, he is the most powerful character in the entire series. Aren’t we always looking for more of his rage? It’s filled with comedy, action, and a bunch of psychic characters, making it a one-of-a-kind franchise.

Of course, there are many more characters engaged in combat, which is also great, but for now, let’s look at the scenes from the opponent’s perspective to see how the battle carried out between them. The third season is still in the process, so there will be more to come, but for now, enjoy this compilation of Mob’s most iconic scenes going 100%.


Mob vs Dimple (Season 1, Episode 3)

Although Dimple has been a great ally of Mob so far, his initial encounter with Mob was not pleasant. Dimple intended to become a God by using Mob’s body as a vessel. And it was here that he attempted to possess his body through hypnosis, but he immediately realized that he was far too strong to hypnotize, so he decided to fight him instead. So, at this moment, Mob reaches 100% Rage, and Dimple was completely stunned after witnessing his esper, yet he was confident and began striking, but Mob defended himself through his barrier. 

This is what happens when he lets his feelings out, Mob tells Dimple as he smashes him to the ground and stamps his foot on his face. In the end, Mob exorcized Dimple by simply poking his forehead.

Mob vs Hanazawa Teruki (Season 1, Episode 5)

Teru has been unnecessarily wielding his powers on the students. This is when Mob stepped in, telling him not to use his psychic abilities to harm others. Until he met Mob, Teru had a very egoistic view of his position and believed he was superior to everyone. Teru challenged Mob to show his power to him to see if he was any better than him. Teru starts the fight by throwing knives at Mob using his telekinesis power, but Mob deflects them back to him, resulting in a top shaved head, which makes him so angry and insecure that he tries to choke him, and Mob passes out before reaching 100% rage.

Later, he awoke unconsciously with his ???% stage, unleashing his strong psychic power, which stripped Teru and destroyed the entire school, leaving it floating in the sky. Mob has a rule of only using his power when absolutely necessary. So, when Mob regained consciousness, he was 100% sad.

Mob vs Megumu Koyama (Season 1, Episode 8)

The story began when Kenji, the founder of the Awakening Lab, saw Ritsu and mistook him for his older brother. Kenji then gave Ritsu a business card with the address of the Awakening Lab. Ritsu, who’s been trying to awaken his psychic powers, decided to check out the place. Now here, it appears that Koyama was assigned by Claw to bring Mob but was mistaken for Ritsu instead, resulting in a battle where Ritsu was severely beaten up by Koyama. 

Towards this point, Mob arrived, led by Teru, and the two of them engaged in deadly combat. After what Ritsu and other students had been through, Mob finally reached 100% rage; however, Koyama managed to sustain damage. He used Sakurai’s cursed spray to put him to sleep before Mob could defeat him, then quickly escaped taking Ritsu.

Mob vs Mogami Keiji (Season 2, Episode 5)

This can be called the second-best fight from season 2. Meet Mogami, one of the most powerful characters in Mob Psycho 100. Like Dimple, he is now a spirit with the power to possess others and take control of their bodies. He also has the power of Mental Mindscape, which allows him to use the memories of others to build his own ruling world.

It all began when Mogami took control of Minori, the spoiled  daughter of a wealthy businessman.  In order to perform an exorcism, the businessman recruited Reigen and Mob. When Minori lost her temper and revealed her true self, Dimple identified him as the high-level evil spirit he had previously fought and warned Mob. Many exorcists attempted to stop Mogami at this point but were unsuccessful.

However, if Mob were to astral project into Minori’s head, he might have a chance to exercise Mogami from Minori. While sending his spirit into Minori’s body, he gives Dimple temporary control of his body. Mob reached inside Minori, where Mogami manifested himself in the form of a human. Mob is tortured in the mindscape for six months while Mogami waits for the moment when the kid will finally lose his senses.

Mob finally had enough after getting all the insults from Minori and his friends and unleashes his psychic powers to 100% but couldn’t due to so many bad spirits who have joined together to strike him. This leads Mob’s ???% mode to awaken and annihilate the entire mindscape realm, liberating Minori.

Mob’s House on Fire (Season 2, Episode 8)

The day of the All-Student Marathon Contest was a big day for Mob at Salt Middle School. Mob has made up his mind to ask Tsubomi out if he finishes in the top ten. But, as we all know, he’s not really good at sports and is extremely slow, but he’s been training for 10 days and is determined to beat his last year’s score of 291 out of 300. He pushed for the stake this year and finished 74th, but he soon fainted from exhaustion.

Finally, when he woke up and walked towards his home, he could see a large cloud of smoke coming from the direction of his home, so he ran quickly, only to see his house was actually on fire and hope that his family had escaped and were safe, but as he walked towards his room and saw his family’s charred remains, he went to his ???% stage and lost control, but soon he calmed down due to Dimple’s protest that it might be fake only to provoke him.

Mob vs two Claw members (Season 2, Episode 9)

Shortly after his house caught fire, Mob started looking for his family. Despite Dimple’s efforts to calm him down, he was still enraged to find the perpetrators of all these acts, which is when he saw two Scar members from Claw who were looking for him. And immediately, Mob started asking questions and right away attacking them in order to get his answers: “Did you put those dummies there?” and “Where did you take my family?” The fight was too easy for him. However, they were not the ones who set his house on fire.

As a result, even when he was emotionally on the verge of exploding, he managed to calm down, but he’s never calm when it comes to his family.

Mob vs Toichiro Suzuki (Season 2, Episode 12)

So far, this was one of the top most battles in Mob Psycho 100. It was the most action-packed combat of all time, between Mob and Toichiro, the founder and leader of “Claw.” Toichiro is an extremely powerful esper who can accumulate tremendous amounts of psychic energy in his body. He not only has the ability to distribute power to others, but he can also absorb it and make his own. His goal is to dominate the world since he’s so powerful that he doesn’t need anyone. 

So the battle begins first with his son Sho, who is also very powerful but not as close to his father. Then come Dimple, Reigen, and eventually Mob, who has already reached 100% rage. In this fight, Toichiro is the one leveling up little by little under Mob’s influence. Mob quickly realizes that he is unlike the previous espers he has faced, so he tries a different technique by twisting Toichiro’s body, which causes him to achieve 100% rage, but his body finally succumbs and begins to self-destruct.

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