Mom’s toddler died in car-truck crash: Goa


car-truck crash: Goa

PANAJI: A mother and her child were killed in an accident on Tuesday after the vehicle they were going in was involved in a head-on crash with a fish truck at Torxem, Pernem.

Five people were going in the vehicle on their family occasion to Goa. Aside from the mother and child, the dad, a four-year-old child, and their housekeeper were also in the vehicle. The family is from Pune.

Mopa airport PI Mahesh Kerkar said that the incident occurred around early afternoon when the Gundecha family was en route to South Goa. The truck, conveying fish, was en route to Patradevi. The mishap occurred at a redirection point where street-extending work was going on.

Every one of the five was moved to the locale emergency clinic, Mapusa. Apurva Gundecha, 32, and her one-year-old child were proclaimed dead. The PI said that her husband Piyush, a businessman, and the girl were treated at the region emergency clinic, while the servant, Nikita, 20, was alluded to GMC for treatment. The driver of the truck was captured for rash and careless driving and later released on bail.

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