Monkeypox cases Increase- WHO calls Emergency Meet


Monkeypox cases increase worldwide, and WHO calls for an emergency meeting to get a grasp of the situation. Read More….

monkeypox cases increase- WHO calls emergency meet
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  • Monkeypox is a virus variant of smallpox.

  • It is spread when you come in close contact with the infected person.

  • Scientists found viral DNA in the semen of many Monkeypox patients in Italy and Germany.

  • WHO studied these records and is researching the possibility of this disease as a sexually transmitted disease.

Monkeypox is a virus variant of smallpox. It was first found in 1958 in monkeys, thus, earning its name. In the year 1970, Democratic Republic of Congo saw the first case of this virus in humans. It occurs regularly in Europe and Africa until now.

The World Health Organization(WHO)said that the total tally of confirmed cases of Monkeypox has gone up by 1,600 worldwide. To understand WHO call for an emergency meeting to understand if the unexpected and concerning outbreak is an international health emergency.


 WHO chief Terdos Adhanom Ghebreyesus had a media conference in Geneva, where he informed that, more than 1,600 confirmed cases and almost 1,500 presumed cases of Monkeypox disease were reported to WHO from 39 countries. It includes seven countries in which Monkeypox has been active for years and 32 newly-affected countries.

Europe is the epicenter of the disease. It ranges to England and countries near it. Many cases are reported all over the world.

He also said WHO’s goal is to support countries to hold the transmission and stop the spreading with tested and trustworthy public health tools like surveillance, contact tracing, and isolation of infected patients. WHO does not recommend having a mass vaccination against Monkeypox. inquire and then take the vaccine.

WHO is also removing ‘monkey’ from Monkeypox. this happened when 30 or more doctors wrote about the need for non-discriminating, non-derogatory, and non-stigmatizing names for the virus and its causes.

Continuing to refer the virus as African is inaccurate and misleading. They have informed us that the name will be announced as soon as possible.

To conclude, this might be a possible outbreak which is a major issue. We should learn this from the COVID-19 situation the world faced. We should be careful and cautious for a potential Monkeypox outbreak and keep ourselves hygienic and healthy. 


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