Mossad operating in Iran, Foils IRGC Plans To Assassinate


Assassination attempts foiled 

The Israeli secret service also known as Mossad, operating in Iran on Saturday to capture an Iraqi national by the name of Mansour Rasouli, due to suspicion of carrying out assassination attempts on foreign diplomats and security personnel. 

After the fall of Shah of Iran in 1941 during the allied assault of Iran, Iranian military was largely abolished except a few companies of Saddam’s special forces also known as Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. 

These are the troops that posed the greatest threats to the American’s and British allied soldier’s during the invasion of Iran. Very often compared to the Nazi SS divisions, their hatred for America and every other democratic Non-Islamic nation is very well known. 

Mossad has previously operated with cooperation from international intelligence agencies, but for the first time in history, Mossad has been allowed to work in conjunction with Iran’s Intelligence organization, inside an Islamic Republic. Operating in Iran has been something previously unattempted by Mossad. 

On an audio recording released on Saturday on behalf of Mossad, the Iranian national Mansour Rasouli is heard admitting that the IRGC ordered him to form a terrorist cell to carry out assassination missions across the world.  

Mossad apprehended the man after receiving intel about the assassination of an Israeli diplomat and an US general stationed in an US-European base. Upon interrogation Rasouli admitted to the accusations and provided further insight into IRGC’s plans. 

The Handlers 

The IRGC branch responsible for overseas operation is named The Qud force, planned to carry out the assassination’s with the help of drug cartels. With the Islamic Republic willing to pay nearly one million U.S dollars for each targets, it can be said that Mossad successful terminated the threat before it could spawn any further, operating in Iran. 

The variations of targets chosen by IRGC shows that the threat level of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is much higher than previously anticipated by Intelligence agencies across the world and needs to be handled accordingly. 

The hits that were to be executed by the Qud forces was organized by a member of Qud’s Forces unit 840, stationed in Europe. Who was instructed to use his connection’s with various European Drug cartels to complete the assassination’s. Nearly 150,000 $ USD were given to him by the IRGC to fund the missions, according to latest Intel’s from Mossad. 

Unit 840 has been a relatively secret group of IRGC responsible for organizing terrorist infrastructure and platforms outside Iran to carry out missions against western targets and opposition groups.  

Anti-terrorism shield of Israel 

Image source: BBC News

Mossad also says that the current foiled plans of IRGC joins a long list of previous attempts to disrupt the functioning of stable nations and to create chaos.

Turkish, British and American reports have accused Iran of using major international crime organizations to help advance its goals abroad for many years now, which include carrying out terrorist plots .

According to reports, Iranian intelligence had employed the Zindashti cartel, headed by heroin kingpin Naji Sharifi Zindashti, to abduct or assassinate Iranian dissidents living in Turkey since 2015.

In 2020, Turkish police arrested 13 people connected to Zindashti cartel on charges of collaboration with Iran’s intelligence agencies.

Mossad will continue to carry out Anti-terrorism missions in the future with collaboration from International Intelligence organizations. Whether Mossad will operate in Iran in the future is something that is still undetermined.

Edited By: Khushi Thakur

Published By: Mohammed Anees


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