Mother after killing her two daughters killed herself because of the torture by her in-laws: Visakhapatnam 


mother commits suicide after killing her two daughters

VISAKHAPATNAM: In a suicide pact, a lady poisoned her two daughters, and then she consumed poison following harassment purportedly by her husband and mother-in-law for dowry and giving birth to two daughters.

Two of the three passed on in the incident and one young girl is availing treatment at a private hospital in Vizag city.

The deceased were identified as S Sailaja (34) and her younger daughter S Akshita (1). Sailja’s elder daughter Tushita was profiting from treatment in a private hospital.

Sailaja, a local of Rajahmundry got married to S Mohan Krishna, a worker of a private bank and resident of Vizag city in August 2017. She gave birth to two little girls. Sailaja’s parents gave Rs 5.4 lakh and over 100 gms of gold ornaments to Mohan Krishna’s family as a share.

Sailaja’s mom B Anantha Lakshmi in her complaint referenced that since the marriage, Mohan Krishna, and his mom S Ramalakshmi harassed Sailaja for extra dowry and gave birth to two daughters. Sailaja had evidently illuminated her parents about the harassment.

Unable to bear the harassment, Sailaja poisoned her two girls, and then she consumed the toxin on Wednesday night. The trio was rushed to the private hospital at Venkojipalem under MVP Settlement police headquarters limits in Vizag city. Sailaja and her younger daughter Akshita lost their last breath while they were availing treatment. Condition Tushita is said to be out of danger.

Sailaja in a suicide letter mentioned that her better half and mother-in-law were responsible for her suicide.

In light of a complaint by Anantha Lakshmi, we have booked a case against Mohan Krishna and his mom Ramalakshmi under important sections like abetment of suicide, death, and scarcely and a few others. No arrest was made up until this point, adding that a test was in progress for the situation, expressed Monitor of Police, MVP State, KSN Prasad.

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