Their are some so movies which are absolute masterpiece. The story, the acting, the emotions, dialogues, screenplay, editing, humour and knowledge or value, the message everything is just perfect. Here are some movies which should be watched by everyone ones in their life.

Good will hunting-

Recently watched movie, I can recall just day before yesterday I watched this movie till 3.00 am and cried alone while watching this. It is an absolute phenomenal picture. Movie was made in 1997. Directed by- GUS VAN SANT. Starring- my favourite actors ROBIN WILLIAMS and MATT DAMON. It is the picture filled with such strong emotions of friendship, trust, and love. It beautifully displays the hardship which was faced by Will, the main character. It showed how we should not make the past affect our future or present. No matter how haunting it is, but we should still find the things which would give us will to live every day and make your soul happy and the one should always follow their heart. Role played by robin William was absolutely phenomenon as always. The supporting characters were building up very well and had a strong impact on the movie.

a still from Good Will Hunting.

The dead poets society

Made in 1989, directed by- PETER WEIR, starring ROBIN WILLIAMS and ETHAN HAWKE. Movie about teenagers, studying in prestigious university, finding out about a secret society. Then following the legacy of club and going to cave and reading poetry. Movie which shows the aspect of self-knowing. Which characters find out about them eventually by understanding the depth of the poems. It is true that poems can help the person feel the things which one never felt. It is the movie which shows a wonderful relation between the teacher and students how they were having the exposure of the world with the help of their new English teacher, which was not only limited till the class rooms walls.

A behind the scenes pic od dead poets society

13 going on 30

it is a rom-com but I absolutely adore this movie. It can be a perfect comfort movie, which tells us about the choices which one make can affect the whole life. It even shows how we should care about the people who are around us. The movie is about a girl who just wants to be among the cool kids, due that she also corners her best friend, then on her 13th birthday she wishes to turn to a 3o year old which was fulfilled and then she found out the reality how her life would be if she continuous to stay same. Certainly she was back in real world where she was still 13 and she realizes her fallbacks and changes them eventually. It is a wonderfully comfort movie which you can watch with your family and friends. Just a fun movie to be watched when you are feeling alone.

scene from 13 foing on 30

Princess diaries 1-

Princess diaries has 2 parts in total but the one which I loved the most was 1st part as the main character was in high school and her life was completely transformed upside down, when she came to know reality of family. Again this movie was a fun watch and told us how should we never loose hopes and motivated us to go on even in the difficult times. The acting was phenomenal, it is the movie which could be watched with the friends or family on a perfect movie night. It shows the few aspects of royalty which I enjoyed a lot while watching it. being a person who is absolutely interested in real royal family, I loved the movie. People can relate to Mia as I was also a freak in my school so it’s really interesting to know that life could change.

last still scene of princess diaries.

These are all movies set up in 19s and in starting of 2000s. I obviously am obsessed with movies of that era. I hope you all will watch them and enjoy them as much as I did.


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