Mumbai: 5 dead as speeding car drives into Bandra-Worli car accident site, ambulance hit too


In a tragic accident, five persons were killed while eight others got injured in Bandra-Worli Sea Link in the wee hours on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences at the tragic loss of lives.

“Pained by the loss of lives due to an accident on the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai. Condolences to the bereaved families. I hope that those who have been injured have a speedy recovery”, the official Twitter handle of PMO posted.

Police investigation till now at Bandra- Worli accident site

According to Worli police, primary information revealed that two cars were involved in a minor accident around 2:40am on the south bound stretch of the bridge while it was coming towards Worli.

Image source- ABP Live

While the ambulance staff and the toll workers were helping the injured passengers travelling by the cars, another SUV crashed into the three stationary vehicles at high speed around 2:53am. The high-speed crash resulted in death of five people and injured eight others,” said a police officer.
Besides the fatalities, another 8 persons, including some toll-post staffers were also hurt in the pileup of the five vehicles. The deceased have been identified as: Stenar Jagdish Kadam, 36, Somnath Barnale, 32, Rajendra Singhal,40, Gajraj Singh, 42, and Satendra Singh, 35.
The condition of several injured is very critical. Among the injured is a 28-year-old woman Aliya Khan and all the victims have been admitted to various city hospitals, said the BMC.

The road from Bandra to Worli has been closed.
The SUV driver was reportedly coming at high speed and by the time he noticed the broken down and other vehicles, it was too late.
The police said the injured were rushed to Nair Hospital, Global Hospital, Saifee Hospital and Leelavati Hospital.
One employee of a toll company is also injured in the incident, said the officer.

Police said a total of four cars were involved in the crash.As some passengers from the two vehicles were injured, some toll staff had rushed to help and an ambulance was also called in to take the injured to hospital.

A CCTV footage of the accident which is going viral shows an ambulance and three cars standing on the bridge when a high-speeding rams into them.

Major Causes Of Car Accidents In India

There are rules around driving to avoid road accidents. Yet we often read about terrible vehicle accidents in newspapers. The increasing road accidents make safety a big concern for drivers.

In order to ensure safety while driving or riding a vehicle, you must understand the causes of road accidents. The knowledge of what causes an accident can prepare you for unforeseen situations you might encounter on the road. In city traffic or on highways, your awareness will keep you and others safe.

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  • Road accidents are one of the main causes of hospitalisation, disabilities, and deaths in India.
  • Among 199 countries, India ranks on top in deaths caused by road accidents.
  • Based on vehicle conditions, road environment and human errors, the government observed the following rate of road accident deaths in 2019.

1. Overspeeding– While driving on city roads or highways, you must always follow the speed limits. Many drivers ignore and drive over the speed limits. High-speed driving gives you very little time to react to any vehicle, person, animal, etc., coming in front of the car. This increases the chances of severe accidents.

2. Distracted– driverSome drivers indulge in multitasking while driving, such as talking on the phone, sending texts, eating food, etc. In India, most city roads have dense traffic and rough road conditions. So, not paying attention to traffic can easily lead to accidents. That’s why distraction is considered one of the top causes of road accidents in India.

3. Reckless driver- There are rules related to driving on the road to keep everyone safe. You need to stay in your lane, avoid unnecessary overtaking, and maintain distance from other vehicles. Reckless drivers are the ones who neglect these rules and drive impatiently. This is what causes many accidents in city traffic and on highways as per the MoRTH report.

4. Intoxicated driver- Intoxicating substances such as alcohol or drugs prevent your ability to function and focus properly. Still, many people decide to drive or ride after getting drunk, which causes road accidents every day in India.

5. Breaking red signals– Traffic signal is a critical spot where you can’t afford to make a mistake. Traffic lights tell you when to stop and when to drive to avoid collision with other vehicles. Breaking a red signal can easily create a situation where your vehicle gets hit by another vehicle from the side.

6. Underage driver- driving is a serious issue in our country. Often, teenagers lack the experience of driving and are careless behind the wheels. This is why many underage drivers end up causing accidents every year.


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