Mumbai Guardian Aims to Open a School Affiliated with Cambridge


On Wednesday, BMC signed a deal to start one school in Mumbai city linked to Cambridge. 

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation already has affiliated schools in the Mumbai city schools with CBSE and ICSE boards. Still, it is time for something different, according to State Minister and sole Guardian Aaditya Thackeray

Thackeray said, “The Civic Body will have a meeting with the Cambridge Board, and we are trying to start schools in our city by June next year.”

Aaditya Thackeray at Sahyadri Guest House 

At Sahyadri guest house, State Minister said that the University of Cambridge is famous for its educational qualities. 

With numerous growing technologies and systems, India will be far behind if it does not take small steps. 

Education is the key to start. Education is the core, and it is what changes people, pour them with good knowledge, and right now, this is what India needs. With Cambridge’s methods, India will grow soon. 

Other cities in Maharashtra

 Thackeray said that every Mumbaiite could come and join the public school of Mumbai. Students won’t have to worry about the fees.

“We already have schools under the administration of ICSE and CBSE board, today we’re linking with world’s most famous educational system”, he mentioned. 

Mumbai has 12 schools of ICSE and CBSE curriculum. And now BMC wants to add one school of Cambridge board in each of the 24 administrative wards. 

Thackery held a meeting.

 State Minister of Mumbai Aaditya Thackeray held a meeting with the BMC Officials, board representatives, Mahesh Srivastava, regional director, South Asia for Cambridge Assessment International Education, and Head of Cambridge University Ajay Pratap Singh, Press India Ltd on starting a school by the next academic year.

“In the next two months, BMC will be holding meetings with Cambridge, and we will work out on the fact that how many schools we are going to have”, Aaditya confirmed.

Following the meeting, he said, “We hope to initiate the academic year 2022 with the Cambridge chapter of Mumbai public school that will pave the way to make international education accessible to students, free of cost, regardless of their economic background, thus promoting a strong culture of teaching and learning.”

He further added that due to the quality education in these schools, more than 10,000 applications were received for 4,000 seats in the current academic year.

He also said that in addition to the curriculum in its schools, BMC is focusing on upgrading school buildings and other infrastructure.

Principals and Parents

Principals of Mumbai public schools are positively taking this new education policy. 

They said, “It will be very effective for bright students; they will be able to open their minds towards the new education methods.”

Teachers think that this new pavement would bring great success for the new generation. The young age has innovative ideas, but the lack of opportunities in India sometimes creates a rough path for them to move.

With Cambridge and its procedure, they will have endless possibilities and new methods that will help them open up their minds. 

Parents also agreed with the fact that this would be a pavement to go. 

Although, along with their agreement, some of them requested the state government to notice the current education situation in Maharashtra. 

The principal of the SSC board said, “SSC board and Cambridge board, both have vast differences between them.

So, if the state government and BMC are planning to take the initiative from next year and onwards, they need to keep in mind that it would also become necessary to recruit teachers who can execute such methods and help students learn”.

According to him, Indian teachers are habituated with age-old techniques of teaching. There will be consequences if they start to run with the methods of Cambridge. 

“To help students, we need to help teachers first”, he added.

Simantini Thakur
Simantini Thakur
Simantini, a student of BSc. Forensics is passionate about reading and writing, born and raised in India. She has been writing since age 14. Working as a co-writer at "TWOHT" [The world of Hidden Thoughts]. And now she is really focused to work with Asiana Times.



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