Reports from the Seattle police department revealed that murder rates are soaring in the city, which is high compared to the last year.

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In recent years, the crime rate and murders have been soaring. The safety of the local residents is being questioned.


Reporters have taken a survey on the views of local residents in Seattle. The results were misleading.

According to some reports from locals, some feel safe on the streets even at night, while others claim that living in Seattle has become dangerous.

Responses from the public

Marry Jones, a resident who visits Seattle during vacations, feels that the place remains safe and added that she could even go out at night.

Mykael, Jonne’s son said that he could walk out on his own without any parental supervision.

George McMahon said Seattle is no longer the place it used to be. Even during the daytime, it can be unsafe to travel in the city.

Considering the responses from the public, the safety of the public depends on perception.

The mayor and the program

Bruce Harrell, the mayor of Seattle, reported to the press that the government is looking to initiate a program to ensure the safety of the residents.

The program will focus on investigating crime and murder rates. In addition to that, police forces will be available around the corner to ensure the safety of the public.

When the mayor was asked about varying responses from the public, he reported to the press that safety depends on individual feelings and relies on their perspective. Opinions may differ, but the fact remains that Seattle is working to improve public safety.

Despite the 47 murder cases reported this year, Seattle aims to improve the quality of life of its residents.

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