Nadal Suffers 7mm tear in abdominal muscle, still wants to play semis


With a physical problem, Nadal was close to giving up in the middle of the match on Center Court, but he found the will to beat Fritz after four hours and twenty minutes.

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On Wednesday, Rafael Nadal battled through an abdominal ailment in order to defeat Taylor Fritz and advance to the semifinals of the tournament. The match was a difficult one for both players.

Nadal, who was suffering from a medical condition, looked to be on the verge of giving up in the middle of his encounter on Center Court, but he summoned the will to win in four hours and 20 minutes.

According to Marca, Rafael Nadal has a rip in one of his abdominal muscles that measures seven millimeters but he still wants to compete in the semifinals of the tournament. According to the story, he went through all of the necessary medical examinations on Thursday morning. 

However, Nadal went to bed last night without knowing for certain whether or not he would advance to the semifinals.

When questioned about his odds of facing Kyrgios, who is not seeded, Nadal said, “I don’t know.” Kyrgios is 27 years old and not among the top seeds.

“If I give you a clear response and tomorrow something else occurs, I will be a liar since I gave you a clear answer,” the speaker said, “but honestly, I can’t offer you a clear answer.”

During Nadal’s match against the 11th-seeded Fritz in the quarterfinals, the Spaniard used a medical stoppage to get treatment for an injury. He later said that he had to make adjustments to his game in order to continue competing.

During the course of the competition, the Spaniard entertained the idea of giving up several times.

“All I wanted to do was provide an opportunity for myself. “It was not easy to leave the event, and it was not easy to leave Wimbledon, even if the suffering was intense,” the 22-time Grand Slam champion remarked.

“I can’t say for sure. I was eager to complete it. I was combative. I am pleased with my battling spirit and the fact that I was able to compete despite the circumstances.

Nadal expressed concern over the injury and said that he would have more tests on Thursday before making a decision on whether or not he will continue to participate at the grass-court major.

“I am used to holding pain and playing with problems,” said Nadal, who played and won Roland Garros despite receiving pain-killing injections prior to each match. He only confirmed his participation in Wimbledon after radio frequency treatment eased pain in his foot. “I am used to holding pain and playing with problems,” said Nadal.


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