Nagpur teen delivers baby after watching YouTube tutorials, kills newborn


A police official claimed that the youngster was sexually abused by a man she met online.

The girl used to spend considerable time on her phone, and a few months later she started communicating with a man named Thakur on Instagram after meeting him there. She didn’t know his entire name or address, and she was unable to provide any information about him, which put the police in a difficult situation. Thakur never used voice calls or text messages to connect with her, thus the police are unable to track him down using his cell number either.

The situation was made worse by the fact that the girl’s mother had broken her smartphone a few weeks prior after learning that her daughter was using it inappropriately to talk with strangers.

In order to avoid being discovered, the youngster then began using her mother’s phone while making sure to remove her downloads and browser history.

Gave birth to a daughter at her home in Nagpur

After seeing YouTube videos, a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually exploited gave birth to a daughter at her home in Nagpur, Maharashtra, but the baby was killed, according to authorities. The girl was sexually abused, according to a police officer, by a man she met online.

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The Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act and the Indian Criminal Code (IPC) both have cases recorded against them.

The official claimed that the woman pretended to be ill in order to conceal her growing pregnancy belly from her mother.

Her mother questioned the girl about her health when she got home. “When the youngster told her mother about her ordeal, she was sent to the hospital. The newborn’s body was submitted for a postmortem, “he declared.

The teenager, who lives in the Ambazari neighborhood, came up with the idea of home delivery and began viewing YouTube tutorials in order to maintain secret.

“She gave birth to a girl on March 2 at her house before killing the infant by strangling her. In her residence, she concealed the body in a box “The representative added.

As the crying baby would have alerted neighbors, the minor decided to silence her by strangulating her with a belt until she fell silent, and then left it on the terrace in a bag.

When the mother of the youngster, a mall employee, came home that day from work, she was shocked to see blood smears all over the room. Also looking pale and worn out was her daughter. The child initially attempted to deceive the mother by telling her that the blood spots were caused by her period, but subsequently broke down and revealed that she had actually given birth to a girl.

The mother hurried the child to Mayo Hospital, where doctors saw something was wrong and informed Ambazari police station. The police station attempted to interview the child in-depth to get more information about the incident, but the mother has not yet finished.

The individual encouraged the child to meet him under the guise of making friends, the police discovered after additional inquiry. When Thakur had taken her to a friend’s house, he had forced himself on her after compelling her to drink.

When her mother inquired about the minor’s menstrual cycle, it was discovered that she always kept bags of sanitary napkins on hand for her to exhibit. Although the youngster had managed to pretend she was menstruating, sources said several neighbors had made jokes about the minor’s protruding tummy.

Police are currently using cyber security to try to find Thakur.

A case was filed in accordance with both the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act and the Indian Criminal Code (IPC). After receiving a postmortem report, the official continued, the charge of murder will be brought forward.