Netherlands Versus UAE, T20 World Cup


As the T20 World Cup began, the Netherlands faced UAE (United Arab Emirates) in the Round 1 Group A match. 

In the match, the Netherlands marks its 3-wicket win over the UAE on Sunday, October 16. While the United Arab Emirates struggled to reach the score of 111 for 8 wickets in 20 overs. 

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However, the total mark by the UAE team was looking quite impossible to reach, as they were at 76 for 6, by the end of the 14th over. The result looked much more predictable. 

How did the tables get turned?

Scott Edwards and Logan Van Beek stayed on the pitch for the sake of their team. Without losing hope, Scott was at 16 not out and Logan at 4 not out. Both the batters kept their calm, in the last over, bowled by UAE’s medium pacer Zawar Farid, and completed the match by registering a win on their side. 

Match Summary

UAE won the toss and opted to bat first, setting the target of 112 on the board for the Netherlands’ team. However, the results could not be predicted more than that UAE will be winning this one. But the twist remains, as the platform of the T20 World Cup is too big to accept the defeat.

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The Netherlands fought back and kept standing on the crease to take their team beyond their victory. Scott and Beek (Netherlands’ batters) made the winning shots in the last over. 

When Netherlands’ batters came to bat, the credit would definitely be going to the UAE’s bowlers who kept the batters under control and things under check. UAE’s camp also featured some young talent of 16 years, 335 days, Aayan Afzal Khan. 

Another bowler who cast a magical spell on the field, Pakistan born, Junaid Siddique, dismissed Tom Cooper at just 8 and in just other three deliveries, made another batter, Roelof Van der Merwe, headed back to the pavilion. Junaid took 3 wickets in all. His spell of 4 overs, made everyone predict the result. 

Image Source: ESPNcricinfo

Even after a spectacular performance from UAE’s bowlers, they couldn’t turn that performance into a win. But there were some other great elements present in the Netherlands’ camp who displayed their worth on a World Cup platform. Tim Pringle with a score of 15, son of a former New Zealand player. Scott Edwards, captain of the Netherlands, added crucial 27 runs in the last five overs to take the team closer to victory.  

What made to Netherlands’ victory

When UAE came to bat, the effort could only be seen from the side of Muhammad Waseem with 41 runs off 47 balls. The UAE batters were unable to rotate the strike which could be considered one major reason for their defeat. Almost deliveries of more than 10 overs, went into the account of dots. 

But, as the Netherlands came to bat, they were facing issues to hit boundaries. In fact, for the seventh wicket partnership, Edward and Tim didn’t go for a boundary, but on the other hand, they were going for singles and doubles.


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