New organ discovered in the human body, does the most crucial work


New organ has been discovered in the human body. This organ had never been studied in detail before. This organ is located at the end of our lower jaw.

With the help of which our jaw moves. With the use of which our jaw moves. This is the deep layer of muscle present inside the masseter. It helps in moving the lower jaw up and down while chewing. Let’s understand about this new part

It has been written in the books of modern anatomy that there are two layers in the masseter muscle.

One deep and the other elusive. But some historical medical documents mention that there may be a third layer of muscle in the masseter. But no information was given about his position. 

New organ discovered in the human body, does the most crucial work
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The study report of finding a new organ has recently been published in the journal Annals of Anatomy.

That’s why the team of scientists decided that now they will discover this new part of the body. So that the claim of historical documents should be investigated. So that the claim of historical documents should be investigated.

To do this, scientists cut 12 human cadaver heads i.e. the head of a dead person.

These heads were kept in formaldehyde. After this, CT scan of new 16 cadavers was done. Then MRI of the jaws of some living humans was done.

On examination, it was found that there is another deep layer in the posterior part of the jaw ie the masseter muscles, which is different from the other two layers on the basis of composition. This muscle actually looks like a bone.

The reason this new muscle looks like a bone is because it has bones all around it. Which are called Cheek Bones. It is located on the front side right near the ear. Scientists also found a bulge in the shape of a triangle just above the lower jaw, which is caused by this new muscle.

Zilvia Mezzi, senior lecturer in the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel in Switzerland and lead researcher of this study, said that when we did the dissection of the masseter muscle, we could clearly see all three layers.

Two on the top and the third one on the bottom inside. This muscle helps to lift, pull and move the lower jaw.

 Zilvia Magee said that the new muscle is the only muscle in the masseter muscle that helps to pull the jaw bone backwards.

Professor Dr. Jens Christoph Tarp of the University Center for Dental Medicine Basel said that for 100 years, there has been a study and research were being done but this muscle had not been discovered. It is just like a biologist discovers a new species of vertebrate.

This new organ is named Musculus masseter pars coronidea. The coronoid part of the masseter in common parlance. This discovery is also important because doctors and scientists will now be able to study more about the jaw muscles.

Doctors will be able to do better surgery after studying this muscle. So that by considering this part of the jaw as good, he can get rid of people from different types of diseases . Because this muscle connects the jaw to the skull. Therefore its study is very important.






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