Night Curfew in Karnataka from 10 pm to 5 am

Night curfew in Karnataka from 10 pm to 5 am
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According to the Minister, hotels, pubs, and restaurants could have an occupancy of 50 per cent. For its solution, Night Curfew is started by states.

With increasing cases of COVID-19 and new variant Omicron, Karnataka on Sunday became the latest state to announce night curfew.

Chief minister Basavaraj Bommai chaired a meeting, and the state government decided that starting December 28, for ten days, there will be a ban on the movement of people, from 10 pm to 5 am.

K Sudhakar said that there would be no public gathering for new year celebrations.

Only an occupancy of 50 per cent will be allowed in hotels, and the same rule will apply to all pubs and restaurants.

Every activity after 10 pm to be curbed, however, movement of public transport service and goods will be allowed.

In a meeting chaired by Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai with ministers, senior officials and experts on the spread of the Omicron variant, a decision was taken.

“Based on the situation in the next ten days, the government will review whether addition curbs are necessary,” he said.

According to guidelines issued, from December 28, all public gatherings such as marriages, meetings, conferences etc.

It will be limited to 700 participants. Patrolling and surveillance at all border districts adjoining Maharashtra and Kerala will intensify.

The movement of individuals will be strictly banned.

“Emergency movement will only be allowed for patients and their attendees along with employees who work at industries or companies that operate at night.

Vehicles of telecom and internet service providers will be allowed, along with an essential staff of IT companies and employees and important staff of medical services.

All types of goods, such as home delivery of goods and operations of e-commerce companies, are allowed.

Night Curfew Guidelines

According to the guidelines, buses, trains, metro, and air travel are permitted.

Regarding the state’s vaccination, Sudhakar said that the first dose covered 97 per cent of people while the second dose covered almost 75 per cent of people.

He also noted that nearly 45 lakh people missed the date of their second dose and that they should understand that

Omicron is spreading swiftly and everyone should get vaccinated.

The meeting also discussed how well prepared the Health Department is in case the variant spreads quickly.

The department will make an addition of 3,191 ICU beds to the existing 4,000 ICU beds.

According to Sudhakar, there is 30,000 number of oxygenated beds available with the government.

He said that preventive doses would be administered from January 10 to those above 60 and comorbidities, including healthcare and frontline workers.

According to him, the first phase of vaccination for those between 15 and 18 years of age, around 30,000,” he said.

He said that preventive doses would be administered from January 10 to those above 60 and comorbidities along with healthcare and frontline workers.

The vaccination’s starting phase will be for people between 15-18 years of age, and it will provide benefits to 43 lakh children.

Sudhakar added that the government would also arrange the equipment for early detection of the new variant.

Night Curfew.

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