Not for Covid, but to get rid of the flesh-eating demon, Andhra village goes under lockdown


Residents of an Andhra Pradesh hamlet were put under lockdown after superstition claimed that a flesh-eating demon was killing people. According to the villagers, the deaths of four persons in the previous several days were attributed to demonic spirits.

Residents of a village in Andhra Pradesh went on their lockdown to get rid of ‘Pishacha‘ [flesh-eating demons]. After the strange deaths of four neighbors in less than a month, residents of Vennelavalasa village placed a lockdown on themselves.

In addition, the village’s government office was shut down. Outsiders were not permitted to enter the community, which had constructed fences to keep them out. Employees, medical personnel, and instructors were not allowed to enter the school or Anganwadi centers.

Evil Spirits VS Lockdown

The hamlet is in the Srikakulam district’s Sarubujjili Mandal, and it shares a border with Odisha. The inhabitants think that putting the village under lockdown will deter the evil spirits.

Locals say that some residents in the area have been sick with fever for a few days and that four people have died. Villagers say the village’s evil spirits caused it on the prowl.

According to reports, village elders contacted Odisha and the neighboring Vizianagaram district clerics, who recommended a lockdown. As suggested by the priests, lemons were planted in four directions of the community, and a lockdown was imposed from April 17 to 25.

Outsider Entry was Rejected

The road leading to the village was also closed, with a notice stating that visitors were not permitted and that residents should not leave their homes.

The event has caused quite a stir in the neighborhood. Many questioned the practice, but others supported it.

Local officials, including the police, visited the community to persuade them to open an Anganwadi, a school, and a village secretariat, all of which were eventually allowed to operate following discussions.

Edited By : Khushi Thakur

Published By : Shubham Ghulaxe

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