Ongoing Geopolitical Partnership between India, Japan and Russia


The developing relationship between India, Russia and Japan indicates the emergence of a new geopolitical partnership between the three nations, which further shows significant steps taken by the nations to strengthen their ties with each other.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a meeting on the side-line of the Eastern Economic Forum with Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2019, reflecting the initiative of India to enhance the partnership with the other nations.

Moreover, India is also aiming to hold on trilateral meet with Russia and Japan, focusing on the cooperation of the resources.

Relation Between India, Japan and Russia

India also is a part of several trilateral groupings such as the Indo-Pacific Region, India-Japan-Australia grouping and India-France-Australia grouping, which states the steps taken by India to maintain a relationship with other nations ensuring the stability of global growth.

India has cooperative relations with both Russia and Japan. India is also growing its association and cooperation with Russia in energy deposits in the Russian Far East.

At the same time, India is expanding its trading and resource cooperation with Japan. Russia is looking forward to the Japanese and Indian investment and cooperation on resource utilization through the geopolitical partnership.

Russia, India, and Japan seek to explore and expand the trilateral cooperation in the resource sectors through a new Trilateral format within the Indo-Pacific region, which further reflects the emerging partnership between the three nations.

Moreover, Japan also shares common security and economic interests with Russia and India, underlying the emergence of a geopolitical partnership of Japan with the other two nations for defence and economic ties.

Apart from this, Japan aims to work forward with both countries to enhance geography and infrastructure growth.

Threats to the New Geopolitical Partnership Between the Nations

The emerging new geopolitical partnership between India, Russia, and Japan also faces specific significant threats, including negatively impacting the trilateral cooperation and negotiation between the three nations.

One of the major threats is the territorial dispute between Russia and Japan which directly affect the building cooperation between the nations on different geographical and resource aspects.

Efforts are continuously made to resolve this dispute, such as considering diplomatic efforts to maintain peace between the countries.

Still, in the meantime, Japanese private enterprises worsened the situation by changing the Russian economy’s investment aspect. Thus, India steps in to improve the relationship between Russia and Japan to fulfil Indian goals.

Lastly, the initiative of new geopolitical order came in the form to resolve disputes and enhance this between the three nations.

The other threat is the developing relation of Russia with China, which hinders India’s developing ties with Russia and impacts the trilateral meeting for the new geopolitical partnership among the three nations.

Moreover, various global issues also delay the collaboration of the nations on geopolitical order, which further disrupts the diplomatic initiatives of the countries and sustain back the governments to achieve various economic opportunities.

Importance of New Geopolitical Partnership

The new geopolitical partnership is vital for India, Japan and Russia because this partnership enforces trilateral cooperation of the nations on various aspects, including economic development concern of the countries, utilization of resources and developing active trade cooperation at a global level.

The main essential goal of the partnership is to resolve the dispute between Russia and Japan to maintain peace globally and enforce collaboration among nations to enhance independence and prestige among the nations.

Moreover, it is crucial for India as it enables it to develop efficient relations with other countries globally and seek many Indian goals.

Niki Beniwal
Niki Beniwal
Emerging journalist and content writer.



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