Parsi Bagan Lane: A land of Freedom Struggle


At 14, Parsi Bagan Lane stands the 100-year-old Indian Psychoanalytical Society, inside a building constructed in the tropical colonial style.

Everybody knows about Kolkata, and thanks to the event of the time, including the event of various social media platforms, everyone seems to be far more active and privy to the environment of Kolkata. With the assistance of the various social media accounts, everyone gets the knowledge in an exceedingly single click on their devices with less span of your time.

Everyone knows about the Sealdah station, an area not very secluded from Sealdah station called Parsi Bagan lane, it’s also present in a very short distance from the 180 years old Science College, situated in Rajabazar, Kolkata. The entire area of Parsi Bagan Lane may be covered by anyone who wants to go to in mere five minutes maximum.,but it’s one which remains steeped in history.

Parsi Bagan Lane controversies

Numerous controversies are also present regarding the “Bagan Lane “, like where from it actually came and what its original origin is. But the town incorporates a reference to the Parsi Community is clear. Another thing connected with it’s the association with research and development of psychoanalysis as an issue within the Indian subcontinent isn’t well-known enough compared with the primary one.

The research institute was founded by Dr Girindrasekhar Bose in 1922, after a year when Bose got the award because of the DSC degree from Kolkata University for his thesis “The Concept of Repression”. A copy of the book also has been sent to the famous Sigmund Freud.

Author Alf Hiltebeitel also examined the work of Bose and also the relationship between Bose and Sigmund in his book named “Freud’s India” in a very quiet descriptive manner. He also said that Bose was the primary physician within the Indian subcontinent to begin using psychoanalysis to the psychological state of patients with a single hand and also in a very broader way.

Bose founded his first clinic in 1940 at Lumbini Park institution within the city. and also found a clinic at 14, Parsi Bagan Lane for the treatment of outdoor patients. After some days the clinic becomes the most Indian Psychoanalytical Society’s primary address, but it still operates in one section of the building.


But now within the contemporary world thanks to the event of the whole society most of the buildings have escaped and a few are in the way of demolition or destruction. This location of the Parsi Bagan Lane is additionally one of the few locations in Kolkata where one can still see and sit on the red oxide rowak, an elevated platform seen outside the old houses. A classical architectural feature which results in the creation of adda, is visible only in small residential neighbourhoods only.

A few meters from the foot of this lane may be a unique address important to the pre-Independence history of Calcutta. Just nearby to the Brahmo Balika Shikshalaya (Brahmo Girls School) at 295/A, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road is the Sadhana Sarkar Uddyan, also referred to as the Parsi Bagan Square.

This park has also been referred to as Greer Park after Richard Greer became the corporation chairman in 1901. However, it also needs some light on the topic from when it’s named Parsi Bagan Square from Greer Park. In the Freedom movement, the neighbourhood of Parsi Bagan Lane played a very important role.

A stone’s throw from this park, where the flag was first hoisted, stands the Federation Hall Society, which represented undivided Bengal. it absolutely was established to produce an area for people from the severed provinces to fulfil and protest the partition of Bengal.

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