PayCM: Congress targets Bommai because he is an Lingayat 


Karnataka Health Minister Dr. K Sudhakar on Saturday alleged that the Congress launched the ‘PayCM‘ campaign targeting Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai because the party cannot tolerate a Chief Minister from the foremost Lingayat community.

But, Bommai distanced himself from the discussion.

I am not a celebration thereto statement and can not comment, Bommai said in Chitradurga.

Speaking to reporters here, Sudhakar said, Whoever gives good governance, especially if there are strong Lingayat chief ministers, they (Congress) drag them out. People of the State are listening to it.

Congress has always done that. They always target major communities. This is often not the primary time. They didn’t spare Kengal Hanumanthaiah. Whom did they spare? Whoever is that the Chief Minister from the foremost community, this can be their constant approach, the Minister added.

According to him, the Bommai-led Bharatiya Janata Party government is providing a clean administration. Within the last 14 months, people believed him as a people’s chief minister. He’s giving good governance, which Congress leaders don’t seem to be able to tolerate, he charged.

Sudhakar said the PayCM campaign shows the desperation of the Congress to come back to power. The Opposition party has sealed whatever little chances it had in Karnataka.

The Minister recalled how actor Akhil Iyer took objection to the utilization of his photograph without his permission within the campaign, citing the actor’s tweet where he warned Congress of action.

You would have seen yesterday (Friday), they did the campaign under the name of actor Akhil Iyer. What did he say yesterday? He said without his knowledge or seeking his permission his photo was used. He said he will take action. it’s obvious how malafide this smear campaign is, he charged.

Alleging that the PayCM was crammed with malafide political intent, Sudhakar sought to know: “Are these Congress leaders Satya Harishchandra?’ What percentage of those have returned from jail and the way many are out on bail? Aren’t they ashamed of talking about politics and corruption?

He said the highest Congress leaders in Karnataka, who are talking about corruption, are out on bail.

Sudhakar said the party has no moral right to talk on corruption because it lost power because of maladministration.

The Congress launched the PayCM campaign, putting out posters publicly placed with a QR code with a visual image of Bommai within the middle. Upon scanning, the QR Code redirects to a web site launched by the Congress 10 days ago.

When the overall Assembly elections were just eight months away, the party launched a campaign accusing the Bommai government of indulging in corruption.






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