Paytm Payment Gateway: India’s most trusted and sorted e-commerce platform  


The Paytm payment gateway offers the most successful rates in the industry with a 99.99% uptime. Experiences that frustrate consumers, such as payments being stuck despite the money being debited, are rare on this platform. Hence, it makes the gateway ideal for everyone, especially small business owners. 

The platform also offers multiple choices regarding the payment methods, such as credit cards, net banking, UPI, debit cards, EMI, Paytm Wallet, AMEX cards, etc. It is also the only platform that allows a user to pay via a fixed deposit. 

For MSME’s, i.e., micro, small and medium enterprises, the Paytm PG is almost 50% cheaper than other platforms and enables Rupay debit payment acceptance and UPI at zero cost. Compared to other PGs which offer 2% charges, the gateway has a 0% merchant discount rate on UPI and Rupay debit.  

The platform also offers a 100% digital onboarding process, which eases the transition with the minimum amount of required documentation. Within twenty-four hours of completing registration, the user can start accepting payments.  

Paytm Payment Gateway: India's most trusted and sorted e-commerce platform

It is also one of the safest e-commerce platforms available as it adheres to all the safety regulations and ensures complete safety, with an SSL certification that ensures users’ money is safe and secure. 

The platform has also been popular with public sector leaders such as Vodafone India, Airtel, Reliance Jio and IRCTC trust. As a result of its wide range of features, it has become popular among the general public. 

Published By: Apoorva Wakodikar

Edited By: Subbuthai Padma


Amisha Rampal
Amisha Rampal
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