Pep Guardiola Desires to Lead The National Team After the Manchester City Contract


He is an amazing manager but the sad news is that he wants to leave Manchester City. In 2023 his tenure will be also completed.

He wants to lead the national team after the Manchester city contractor. It is great that such kinds of managers find in the football sports field. Football is a game that shows more enthusiasm all over the world.

Who is Pep Guardiola?

He is a Spanish footballer manager. He is a manager of the premier league club Manchester city. He is the greatest manager who manages everything smoothly in the last 7 years.

He is a former player as well on the football sports field. It is the best legacy for the Manchester city that he finds like him.

He was a defensive midfielder who usually played in a deep-lying playmaker role. He was well-played in the past time and after his retirement as a player.

He joined as a coach as well. In 2013 he joined as a manager in Manchester city. He becomes the first manager who wins the domestic treble in English men’s football. In every match won with the help of him.

The Decision to Leave the Manchester City

He said that plans to leave Manchester City and the last 7 years are amazing for me. But that contract will complete in 2023.

After that contract, I want to have a desire to lead a national team like America. He won the three premier league titles as well. He is the former head coach in the Barcelona team. He said that “next national team if there is a possibility”.

When he said that I want to coach the national team. That team will be South American, European. But he wants to desire that an experience Copa America.

This conversation was going on at the XP Investimentos event, as reportedly ESPN on Wednesday.

Pep Guardiola is a Mentor: Mikel Arteta

Arteta spent three years in Manchester as an assistant. When Guardiola said that he will leave Manchester City. Then, Arteta said that he is sure Guardiola is like a good mentor and he will be good in everything. He will leave a long-lasting legacy in the premier league.

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