The protracted wait for the planned motorway that would have connected Bengaluru and Mysuru is ostensibly finished. Pratap Simha, a Mysuru-Kodagu Lok Sabha representative, said that on March 11, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will formally open the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway.

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On March 11, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will open the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway. Mandya, and Mysuru will all benefit economically from this road. We intend to organize the event at Mandya. We have never abandoned Mandya, despite the fact that Mandya did not choose our party to represent them,” Simha told the reporters.


Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra Group, also posted a video earlier on Twitter that showed off India’s expanding infrastructure and featured amazing drone pictures of the Bengaluru–Mysuru motorway. According to him, the images serve as a potent signal of how India is developing infrastructure that is up to par with that of the rest of the world.


Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway

Depending on the speed of the car, the 143-kilometer trip from Bengaluru to Mysuru can be completed in only one and a half hours. The motorway begins at Bengaluru’s NICE entry and finishes in Mysuru at the Ring Road intersection.

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Two packages make up the motorway project: the first runs for around 56 km from Bengaluru to Nidaghatta in the Maddur Taluk, while the second runs for 61 km from Nidaghatta to Mysuru. The undertaking costs more than Rs 8,000 crore.

The toll fees for using the motorway were announced by the National Authority of India (NHAI). For the initial section of the motorway from Bengaluru to Nidaghatta in the Mandya district, the toll is being collected at the Sheshagiri Halli toll plaza.

• Bicycles, cars, and other slow-moving vehicles will not be allowed on the six-lane expressway’s access-controlled section. On either side of the motorway, there will be two-lane service roads, converting the corridor to a 10-lane highway.

• The 117 km corridor is divided into two carriages, one running from Bangalore to Nidagatta and the other from Nidagatta to Mysore.

• It has been decided to begin collecting the toll following a meeting with the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police Ramanagara.

• Although the toll price has not been set in stone, MP Simha predicts it would be in the neighborhood of Rs 250. “The toll fees have not been determined yet. The first leg of the journey from Bengaluru to Nidaghatta might cost Rs. 135; the remaining sum would be for the return leg. For the entire motorway, an estimated cost of $250 is anticipated. If both methods are utilized on the same day, it will be reduced “, the MP said.

Major Ceremony at Maddur

PM’s inauguration of the Expressway will feature a major ceremony at Maddur, according to Dr. C.N. Ashwathnarayan, Minister for Higher Education, IT, and BT, who spoke with reporters yesterday in Bengaluru.

The Prime Minister will travel for two days starting on March 11, during which time he will officially open the new IIT Dharwad campus. After the engagement in Dharwad, the prime minister will fly to Maddur to officially launch the world-class Expressway.

Source : IIT Dharwad

In addition to laying the cornerstone for a Medical University and a Health City campus in Ramanagara, the PM will dedicate the Expressway to the nation, the source continued.

The Government and the BJP have planned to stage a major rally in Maddur after the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) confirmed Modi’s visit. The PMO will shortly send a thorough itinerary for the visit and security preparations, the Minister continued.

Maddur was chosen as the site of the inauguration because it is halfway between Mysuru and Bengaluru, according to Minister Dr. C.N. Ashwathnarayan. “There will be a sizable public rally to present the development strategy of the BJP governments at the state and federal levels. The NDA Government has put these projects into action, whereas other governments have spent time only planning them on paper,” he said.

“The Expressway, which has been constructed in accordance with international standards, will be a blessing for travelers between Mysuru and Bengaluru. It will serve as a motorway for investments in Mysuru across all sectors, as a lack of connectivity currently serves as the city’s main barrier to development.

The development of the Mysuru and Ramanagara regions, according to him, will be made possible and easier by the Expressway. “As part of the “Beyond Bengaluru” plan, we have already established a development blueprint for Mysuru. Growth will be boosted by centers for manufacturing silk, cyber security, education, and other industries. Karnataka is building a better networking system to connect the State with the rest of the country thanks to the funds from the Centre.“


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