Prashant Kishor, The Political Strategist



Congress is up to deciding on Prashant Kishor‘s induction and his position in the organization, which comes in response to the election strategist seeking a “national role” and “a part” in the decision-making of the party’s affairs.

Kishor has suggested that the leadership form a special advisory committee under party president Sonia Gandhi’s chairpersonship to make political decisions. The panel is to be a “compact body” that can discuss and finalize proposals on political moves —
ranging from alliances to strategies to campaigns, sources said.


After doing the necessary groundwork, the panel will put the proposals before the party’s apex decision-making body, Congress Working Committee, a bigger group with representations from all regions and communities, for further deliberations and approval.

The suggestion is that select party leaders besides Kishor be part of this panel; it is learnt.
“He wants a national role, and is not hooked on the usual sought-after designations like AICC general secretary,” a senior leader said.

The post of AICC general secretary remains the top organizational position in Congress, which opens the possibility of it also being the possible perch for the high-profile poll strategist.

There is a buzz among insiders that Congress may go in for an organizational overhaul in the coming months, including new appointments and the creation of new panels, which increases the chances.


However, the special panel will be the focus area as the Congress chief moves closer to a final decision. A decision can be taken at any time. The negotiations and the in-house deliberations have been on from one-and-a-half-month now.

After being the election manager for Trinamool Congress and helping the Mamata Banerjee-led party fend off an aggressive BJP campaign in the West Bengal assembly polls and win a third term in the state of West Bengal, Kishor entered into talks with the Congress leadership for joining the party.

He has also submitted a proposal on how the Congress grassroots should be reorganized to make it resurgent.

Kishor’s candidature has boosted the support of key satraps who have a favourable opinion about his skills.

Some of them have worked with him in the management of elections. He is seen as a good input to the party and was told to join without any conditions,” a senior functionary said.

Arindam Das
Arindam Das
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