Price of full-cream milk raised by Mother Dairy in Delhi-NCR


Full-cream milk by Mother Dairy sees an increase in its price.

Mother Dairy
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Mother Dairy has decided to increase the price of its full-cream milk by Re.1 per liter and the price of token milk would be increased by Rs.2 per liter, in the Delhi-NCR region. This increase in prices would come into effect beginning today (Monday).

New prices

-After a raise of Re.1/litre for full-cream milk, the new price for the same is quoted as Rs.64 per liter of milk.

However, the price of full-cream milk that is packed in 500ml containers has not been changed by the company.

-Bulk vended milk or token milk will now be sold at Rs.50 per liter, after a hike of Rs.2/litre.

Reasons for price rise

 -Mother Dairy cited an increase in the cost of obtaining raw materials, which comes from the dairy farmers, as the reason for an increase in the prices of milk.

 -The company also stated that the heavy monsoon has impacted the availability of raw milk, that made them raise the prices.

 -Also, Mothers Dairy reported an increase in the demand for processed milk. Therefore, the price rise would be a feasible solution for the business to continue providing a fair share to the farmers and ensuring that high-quality milk is being delivered to the customers.

The hike in milk prices will definitely hit the regular household budget, at a time when food inflation is already growing owing to the pandemic.

Mothers Dairy passes around 75% of the prices paid by the consumers, to the milk producers.

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Previous price rises by Mothers Dairy

Prices of all variations of milk were increased by Rs.2 per liter in the months of March and August this year, by the company.

About Mothers Dairy

Mothers Dairy was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) of India.

The headquarters is based in Noida (Uttar Pradesh) and Mr.Manish Bandlish is the current Managing Director of the company.

The company is one of the leading sellers of milk, ice creams, curd, ghee, butter, bread, paneer, and other dairy products, throughout the country.



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