Psychological: Is anger a waste of emotion? 


Anger is an emotion. It is very common. Generally seen and perceived as a negative emotion. But it could be really constructive. But only when managed well, with a balanced and strategic approach. Otherwise, it could invite grave consequences. In this article we would discuss the problems, types of expressions and anger management techniques. Anger needs to be directed properly, coz it has the potential to jeopardize relationships. 


Psychological: Is anger a waste of emotion?
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Anger is an emotion, which is very common in animals and humans. It is vital coz it expresses something. Like if an event or thing makes me angry, it could be that it annoys me, irritates me, provides disgust or caters me discomfort.

 In general terms, angry state is that state in which a person loses temper, following which he or she pukes all the view of their own point. They lose control. For them winning the argument is all they want to achieve. Somethings are said even if the heated party doesn’t intend to speak or mean. 

 It is said “that there is no golden rule for any relationship to work, but only anger is enough to retard it in such a way that it could no longer be reversed or rectified”. Angry execution could lead to electrocution of beautiful and successful body of fresh water rich with fish. 

 When we get into a heated argument, then at that time our body floods up stress hormones. For illustration adrenaline and cortisol. It further channels our blood stream towards the muscles, muscles get hot to toll up for physical exertions. Moreover heartrate, blood pressure and respiration increases at a skyrocketing velocity. Also, our brain gets loaded, defensive and laser focused at the very moment. 



The individual who invites anger, suffers from grave and severe problems. Such as hard packed headaches, loop of anxiety and the long-lasting insomnia. All these 3 works together to devise the depression disease.  

Psychological: Is anger a waste of emotion?
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Moreover, if we will not pour the due attention on this anger management – it could lead to abdominal pain which would cause digestion troubles. blood pressure also shoots up and end result could be death due to stroke or heart attack.  


Types of Anger Expression 

  1. Constructive: walkout out from the furious situation. And take a look back with clam mind. With the light of introspection, you may solve the problem in the best way possible. 

Accept the emotion as a natural phenomenon and try to identity the trigger points. If not, the trigger points then look for what that emotion is trying to communicate. 

Other constructive expression could be- go and talk to someone you trust. Or you may go for a run to release the hefty heinous energy. Other ways are journal it all on a sheet of paper and meditate. 

  1. Destructive: 
  1. Explosive anger:  

When someone is not able to control his or her anger. Rather the anger controls the person. It becomes difficult for the person to take prudent decisions. 

  1. Repression anger:  

When someone is angry about something but doesn’t communicate it to the other party. It fosters communication gap and further jeopardies the relationship by lodging dire consequences. 

Anger management at the time of conflict 

Whenever there is a conflict, there is a difference between expectation and reality. So, the best way to extinguish this singe is to communicate. Communicate openly and honestly. It is the only way to solve things for good. 

Psychological: Is anger a waste of emotion?
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Unresolved conflicts may lead to uncomfortable situations when the 2 parties would meet. It is not necessary to resolve in cases where the other person is headless and stupid. Rides on the theory of herd mentality or on extreme rigidity by default. 

Anger management if done in proper way then it could lead to healthy results and easy life. One may reap the benefits by strategical using the constructive ways and innovate his or her own principles and rules. 





Pushan Sethi
Pushan Sethi
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