Putin accuses Ukraine of ‘terrorism’ in 2022



Relations between Russia of Putin and Ukraine have been deteriorating for a long time, but now things may be coming to a head in the form of an “anti-terrorist” operation by the Ukrainian military. We’ll analyze what’s at stake in this conflict, including who is involved, why it all started (as far as we know), and how this recent development could possibly change things.


Crimea bridge: Putin accuses Ukraine of “terrorism” A Crimean view from Sevastopol in February 2016. In recent history, Russia has seized control over Crimea, formerly part of Ukraine.

After their seizure, they must have thought that was all they needed to do because, under Russian rule, Crimea had seemed serene and stable since 2014.

This month, something new happened: in the middle of February 2016, a bridge was inaugurated, which was built to connect mainland Russia with Crimea. The bridge is 17 kilometers long and has a total length of 20 kilometers including the ramps. It took three years to build and cost around $3 billion USD. Now that the bridge is finished, people are hoping for easier access for tourists and goods from mainland Russia to Crimea, but there is something more than this simple legal fact hidden behind this new piece of construction.


How did each other promised?

This bridge, built between Russia and Crimea, has been promised by Russian President Putin to be free of charge (transportation fees) for the transportation of goods. This promise is a message to Ukraine that they should not be worried about their trade route because Russia will provide an alternative route. In addition to this, Putin promised not to charge any fees for the usage of the bridge by people traveling from Crimea to mainland Russia or vice versa.

This is supposed to be another warning from Putin towards Ukraine. This also looks like a declaration of war towards Ukraine, announcing that they can enter Crimea at any time if needed, without being hindered by the Ukrainian government. Also, this is a declaration of war against the Ukrainian government because it tells them that they cannot stop Russian soldiers and spies from entering the territory.


What does the bridge imply?

This bridge was built from the Crimean Peninsula (Russian) side to the Krasnodar region (Russian) side using funds taken by force from Crimea in 2014.

This shows Putin’s behavior towards Ukraine: after forcefully taking over Crimea, he is now trying to take over Ukrainian land once again in order to create a new passage for Russian goods and people between Russia and Crimea.

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Jayani Bandara
Jayani Bandara
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    And further, when the bridge got damaged recently, how can Russia stand impeccable over Ukraine?

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