Qatar is Disappointed By The Taliban’s Decisions


Qatar is highly disappointed by the Taliban conditions imposed on girls and women education and stated them to be highly outdated and a ‘step backwards’. It has also requested the Taliban to reform their regressive terms and look up to Doha for running an Islamic system without such constraints.

What Took Place

Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, condemned the Taliban’s moves on girls and women education in a conference on Thursday with European Union Foreign Policy chief Joseph Borrell.

Rising to power in August, the Taliban has implemented various unnecessary and severe restrictions on women, including refusing Afghan female secondary students to recommence their studies.

In the light of all the recent disheartening occurrences in Afghanistan, Al Thani shows regret at the Taliban’s decisions regarding the matter and calls it regressive.

Al Thani’s Advice

Qatar is Disappointed By The Taliban’s Decisions
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Doha has become a significant broker in Afghanistan after the US’s withdrawal from the land. It has helped several Afghanis and foreigners escape the country, engaged the new Taliban rulers and supported them in operations at Kabul airport.

Now, Al Thani feels that it is necessary to urge the Taliban to not take such strict and dogmatic measures regarding women’s issues. Qatar is trying its best to make the Taliban understand how Muslim countries can conduct their laws and simultaneously handle women’s issues without being harsh and inhuman.

He stated that Qatar is one example wherein women are not oppressed and stripped of their human rights despite running an Islamic system. Women in Qatar are continuously outnumbering men in the workforce, in government and in higher studies, upholding their Islamic values.

Al Thani has requested the Taliban not to demolish what has been achieved in the past years. He also encouraged the “friendly” states and global communities to support Afghanistan.

Borrell wishes and hopes that Qatar can influence and help the present Afghan government reassess their terms and conditions and improve its way of treating civilians.

Atrocities of The Taliban

Following their capture of the entire country of Afghanistan, the Taliban has been accused of several mishappenings. In recent weeks, they violated human rights and even publicly hanged the bodies of four alleged kidnappers from cranes in Herat.

The gruesome display of dead kidnapping suspects killed in a shootout was the most notorious public punishment since the Taliban came to power. Because of this incident, people fear that the Taliban will adopt more menacing measures synonymous with their previous rule from 1996 to 2001.

For two weeks, the girls could not rejoin their classes and got restricted from going to school. In protest of this, isolated rallies have broken out in the streets of Afghanistan in recent days.


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