Relationship” as the word says is a connection between two people more than just their bodies but two souls that makes the other one feel loved and good about themselves. A relationship is a lot more than just loving and being with each other, it is a responsibility, a passion to give and receive love, a matter of commitment, trust, hardships, problems, and finding solutions to everything together sticking by each other.

The bond makes two hearts connect even if the brains are separated by their thoughts. Relationships are made of many values, efforts, care, and a lot of heartfelt love.

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A relationship consists of the following:

1.  Honesty

A relationship is a bond that is attached by the thread of trust. When two souls love each other, the thing that keeps it intact is honesty. When you become an important part of someone’s life, they give you their part in the form of trust, and keeping it safe is on you and your honesty.

2.  Trust

When you love someone, it is your role to trust them in every situation. Not just when they are physically around you, the trust goes along as a connection when you two are not in front of each other.

3.  Commitment

What makes us call a bond “A relationship” is a commitment between two people to be each other’s better half even as an individual. A commitment is a promise made to one another that remains between them throughout, a promise that keeps them together, to not lie, to share every part of each other’s lives, and to share an understanding of owning each other as an individual with utmost trust.

4.  Privacy

If two individuals commit to each other for being their better half, they still are two separate people, each one is an individual and they’ve got a separate life apart from being together. Each of them must know that the other one has got all the rights to enjoy his/her privacy and must respect those rights.

5.  Respect

Respect is one of the basic needs and expectations of anyone from everyone and especially the ones who connect with their hearts. Individuals in a relationship must respect each other as human beings, they must respect each other’s decisions, religions, principles, and beliefs.

6.  Intimacy

Intimacy is a very strong word if defined as a physical relationship. Intimacy is way above than just being physically close and vulnerable to one another. Intimacy is a vulnerable, and cozy feeling/environment between closed ones. Emotional intimacy is as important as physical intimacy and maintaining it is the virtue of a relationship.

7.  Consent

In a relationship, physical proximity is as important as an emotional bonding. Physical bonding needs consent, as a matter of respect for one’s choice, it is important to take the other’s permission before entitling our own needs to them. Consent makes the bonding even more respectful and better enjoyed by both individuals.

8.  Communication

As in a relationship, individuals are called each other’s better half, they must express every feeling of theirs to each other. Expressing one’s feelings, emotions, and needs is important. Communication is the key to a long-lasting and lifelong attractive relationship. Getting to know each other is the most important part of every relationship and that can be done by communicating.

9.  Support

Every individual has both good and bad times in their life. Both are just phases they come and go, and nothing is permanent, not even any sorrow, guilt, or regrets. Partners need to understand the other’s emotional needs during both hard and happy times, and they should act as each other’s support system. Even if they fail to solve any matter, they’ll still be there as emotional support to console the other.

10.   Efforts

Two people who are in love with each other are supposed to be together in every situation, but as basic human nature says, conflicts are normal, and they occur in every possible situation. There will be multiple reasons which will force you into separation but there come “efforts”, to keep yourselves together and be the best in each other’s company.

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By: Varnika Jain


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