Ross Taylor recalls racist remarks in New Zealand dressing room


Ross Taylor, in his autobiography ‘Black & White’ revealed incidents involving racism 

Ross Tylor has revealed that he has faced racism in New Zealand cricket. In his autobiography, ‘Black & White’ he revealed that he heard some racist remarks in the dressing room from fellow players or officials. He wrote that the remarks might not have come intentionally from a ‘racist perspective’ but due to insensitivity.

Ross Taylor retired from international cricket earlier this year and released his autobiography on Thursday. Ross Taylor, who has Samoan ancestry, wrote that cricket in New Zealand is a pretty ‘white sport’ and he had faced racism passed off as banter. 

In an extract published by the New Zealand Herald, Taylor wrote that cricket in New Zealand is a pretty white sport, and with a brown face among the whites, he was just an exception. 

Speaking to a reporter, Taylor said that he had edited out some stories involving racism to avoid compromising some current black caps still playing in the team. Ross added, “A teammate used to tell me, ‘You’re half a good guy, Ross, but which half is good? You don’t know what I’m referring to.’ I knew what he was referring to. Other players also had to put up with comments about their ethnicity.”

Taylor wrote that former NRL star and All-Black Sonny Bill Williams felt many young players of Māori or Pacifica origin were not given enough opportunities and were held back. He added, “I hope I’m an example that good cricketers can emerge from Polynesians.’

Taylor hopes New Zealand Cricket puts more resources into Polynesian talent because there must be a lot of it. He adds that cricket gear is expensive and that can put off a lot of Polynesian parents from having their children pursue cricket.

Asked to comment on Taylor’s revelations, the New Zealand Cricket Board said that they are aware of them. “We will reach out to Ross to discuss this matter,” a spokesperson said. 

In his interview with Skyport, Taylor said that society has moved on to such a place that he feels comfortable addressing such issues. 

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