An Islamic State terrorist who was planning an attack in India has been arrested by Federal Security Services (FSB) of Russia. The terrorist is a Central Asian and was planning a suicide attack on an Indian political leader.

In a press release, FSB revealed that the ISIS terrorist travelled to Turkey where he was given instructions and training to carry out a suicide attack by self-detonation on one of the political leaders of ruling party. 

“It has been established that a foreigner in the period from April to June 2022, while on the territory of the Republic of Turkey was recruited by one of the leaders of the International Terrorist Organization – “IS” as a suicide bomber.His indoctrination was carried out remotely through the accounts of the Telegram messenger and during personal meetings in Istanbul by a representative of the ISIS terrorist organization,” stated the Russian press release.

The security agencies in Moscow also released a video in which the ISIS terrorist could be seen explaining his plans in Russian. It was noted that the ISIS terrorist was under an oath of allegiance to the Amir of Islamic State, Abu al-Hasan al-Hashemi al-Qureshi who is known to be a self-proclaimed leader of the ISIS terrorist organization.

The announcement from Moscow came on Monday, months after former BJP leader and national spokesperson Nupur Sharma made some remarks on the Prophet which were perceived to be controversial.

After Sharma made those remarks on a live news television debate, it sparked a controversy in India. BJP received a huge backlash for Sharma’s remarks.

Opposition parties, Muslim communities and several Islamic Nations of middle east slammed the govt for its spokesperson’s remarks. 

In a disciplinary action, BJP suspended Nupur Sharma and expelled Naveen Kumar Jindal, another BJP leader for making similar remarks on the Prophet.

The IS and other such terrorist organizations, responsible for series of attacks in Iraq and Syria have been banned in India under UAPA.

Recruitment of youth to such organizations from India and their radicalization is a matter of grave concern for the country, especially with regard to their likely impact on the national security when they return to India, the union home ministry had said while banning the outfits. 

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