Sebastien Vettel in Next F1 or not?


After the retirement of Raikkonen, Sebastien Vettel presumes his entry in the Aston Martin’s next season. He exclaimed with ‘I Think so’. 

Vettel Assumptions: 

Aston Martin has yet not released the driver line-up of 2022, but presumptions indicate that no changes are on the cards. Sebastien Vettel assumes his name in the next F1. 

The speculations started after Kimi Raikkonen announcement to quit F1. Vettel joined the team at the beginning of this season after breaking the six-years union with Ferrari. 2021 was not as lucky for Vettel as expected. He bagged a podium which allowed him to stand ahead of his teammates -Lance Stroll comfortably.

Sky Germany raised several questions about the future of the four-times world champion before the weekend of Dutch GP as Sebastien spoke on the Raikkonen’s quitting of the Formula One. 

Vettel on Kimi quitting of the Formula 1 

When asked by Vettel about the sudden decision of Raikkonen’s quitting, he uttered that he was also not aware of Kimi’s decision as he has not spoken up to him yet. Vettel clarified that he also does not know the reason behind Kimi’s left of the F1. 

Vettel expressed his happiness for the Kimi and added that he is later in his career compared to Vettel. Media raised the speculations about Vettel joining the Aston Martin’s next or join his teammate, Kimi. 

At this, German replied that everything is clear. He further added that he is not in touch with the driver market very much now. Vettel smiled and told the media about his future contracts for the next season. He is sure about his entry in the Aston Martin’s next season, at which he said, “I think so”. 

Vettel Ralf Schumacher’s stand sarcastically remarks that retirement is not too far for the German Champ. 

Szafnauer Views 

The focus on the transfer of drivers rests on George Russell and Mercedes. At this Szafnauer, added that milestone is fastly approaching towards his team to announce the plans. Szafnauer denied getting into the details as some timely milestones are coming soon in a coming couple of weeks. He added that after the passing of those, he would face media to make the announcements. 

According to the reports, the process of selection is not complicated or conditional upon anything. Szafnauer added that the decisions are solely based on the time windows. They both have to decide the times that when they are going to discuss the future events. All the planning takes place through the time window, and they have reasonable deadlines for that which is not far off. 

After that, they would sign a contract based on the negotiations, further leading to the media’s announcements. 

Aston Martin hinted at the contract signing of Sebastien Vettel and indicated that the signing date is also not too far. 

With a very brisk smile, Vettel confirmed his entry in the Aston Martin’s next in Formula 1 that is going to take place in 2022. Vettel joined the Aston Martin, breaking with the Ferrari. Indeed, Vettel will soon join the team into the new aerodynamic era in the year 2022. Only paper contracts are left to make these announcements to the media. 

The world is waiting for Vettel’s entry into the Next F1. 



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