Continuous rain and change in weather in Delhi and adjoining regions, with variation in different parts of the country.

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As per the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), thunderstorms and rain spells in Delhi and adjoining regions of the northern plains coincide with a change in weather in the lower northern plains. The department mentions the comeback of heat waves in the state and the region adjoining the state of Bihar. Warnings and situations of thunderstorms with lightening are also given in the regions of the upper northern plains as well as in the island Union territories of the country.

Weather climax

The Indian Meteorological Department has been issuing warnings and alerts for the upcoming weather changes in the country. Following the same, the departments issue alerts for thunderstorms, rain spells, and gusty winds with a speed of 30–40 kmph in the regions of Delhi, Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh, Gilgit, Baltistan, Muzaffarabad, Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh.

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Issuing an alert of a thunderstorm with lightning followed by heavy rain spells in the region of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, the sub-Himalayan region, and Sikkim.

Alerts about heatwaves are also issued by the Indian Meteorological Department for the state of Bihar, where alerts about the raised temperature as well as heat waves coming back have been issued. The temperature rise to 41–42 °C has been issued, which can have several detrimental implications for the economy as well as the health of the locals.

2023 as the El Niño year

It has been recorded that India will face an El Niño year in which the situation of rain fall deficit is followed. Some parts of the country face a draught-like situation, while the countries on the east coast of the Pacific Ocean face heavy spells of rain. Especially the countries like Australia and the countries in the region of Southwest South America This type of situation does have detrimental implications for the country, where the country’s economy depends upon the rainfall for irrigation purposes.

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During the El Niño period, the Pacific Ocean heats up and leads to the raising up of heat waves as low pressure areas form over the Pacific Ocean. These raised-up warm winds move towards the east of the Pacific Ocean and towards the west of the western South American continent, leading to heavy rainfall and downpours over the same region. Followed by drought-like conditions on the western side of the Pacific Ocean or in the regions of southeast Asia and the southern Indian subcontinent.

India’s current situation

As it upheld that India will face an El Niño condition this year. But the dry spells are replaced by heavy rain spells across the country due to the prevailing positive Indian Ocean dipole. Which are leading to a favourable situation over the subcontinent. The present situation has nullified El Niño’s dominance over the Pacific Ocean. To provide normal rainfall for the country. The rainfall and downpour currently are due to the implication of a positive Indian Ocean dipole in the Indian Ocean.

70% of India’s irrigation needs are fulfilled by the rain and the natural sources of irrigation. If the situation in El Niño turns dense as well as strong, this can have devastating implications for the economy as well as the households of those whose primary agriculture is their means of livelihood and survival. Having a proper downpour throughout the agricultural period can lead to a good harvest, improve income, and have positive implications for the economy as well as the health of the county’s farmers. That’s how the economy works due to its higher dependence on nature as well as the climate prevailing over the Indian subcontinent.

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