Shailendra Singh’s work has perceived for ‘being the last expect the wild endurance’ of certain types of turtles in India.


Indian scientist Shailendra Singh has been granted the Behler Turtle Conservation Award for bringing three imperilled turtle preservation species back from the edge of termination.

A press articulation gave by the central command of the Turtle Survival Alliance prior this week said: “For certain species, like the Red-delegated Roofed Turtle, Northern River Terrapin, and Black Softshell Turtle Dr Singh and his group’s endeavours are the last expect their wild endurance in the country.”

The honour has been presented by a few worldwide bodies engaged with turtle protection like Turtle Survival Alliance, IUCN/SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group, Turtle Conservancy, and the Turtle Conservation Fund.

“In only 15 years, there are not many people that have made such fantastic commitments to turtle preservation as Shailendra Singh.

He and his group’s endeavours presently range a lot of India, affecting above and beyond half of its turtle and turtle species, large numbers of which are among the most imperilled turtles on earth,” said Rick Hudson, president, Turtle Survival Alliance.

“While it might require a long time to observe the full effect of Dr Singh’s responsibility, his name and inheritance have become inseparable from Indian turtle preservation,” Mr Hudson said.

The Behler Turtle Conservation Award was set up in 2006 to perceive remarkable accomplishments, commitments and administration greatness in worldwide turtle protection and science.

Shailendra Singh was named to lead the Turtle Survival Alliance /Wildlife Conservation Society India turtle program.

“In the long time since, he has extended the TSA India Program to incorporate exploration, protection, affirmation settlement building, local area commitment, and effort just as creating elective jobs, attempting to change over poachers, and making untamed life dealing reaction programs.

Working in four need Indian turtle preservation regions, the program currently secures 18 of India’s 29 turtle and turtle species, a few of them viewed as Critically Endangered,” the press articulation added.

Talking with The Hindu, Dr Singh said that he was glad the honour had focused on turtle preservation.

“Turtles are one of the exceptionally carried species in the country. In the beyond quite a long while, we have protected around 35,000 turtles and restored them in the wild,” the scientist said.

A report delivered by worldwide natural life exchange observing body TRAFFIC in 2019 uncovered that no less than 200 individual turtles and freshwater turtles succumb to unlawful poaching and pirating each week.

Eleven thousand do as such every year, and more than 1,11,130 did as such between September 2009 and September 2019.

There are 29 types of freshwater turtles and turtles in the country. These imperilled turtles are being rationed as a piece of TSA India’s exploration, preservation reproducing, and instruction program in various nation pieces.

The Northern River Terrapin is being moderated at the Sunderbans; the Red-delegated Roofed Turtle at Chambal; and the Black Softshell Turtle at various sanctuaries in Assam.

Mahi Gupta
Mahi Gupta
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