Shein Launches New Collection Of Sustainable Clothing 


29th April 2022 (Friday): One of the best fashion brands, Shein has come up with a new collection. This collection of clothing is produced with responsibly sourced materials and comes in all kinds of sizes. They are promising their customers to provide them with affordable products which have a positive impact 

The brand has called this collection Revolushein. According to the brand, the first lot of products will be made out of recyclable polyester. The retailers say, this material needs a lesser amount of energy and water for its production and do also require less source material. This makes the product not just a little better for the environment but, also cost-friendly. The material and packaging had been certified by Global Recycle Standard (GRS) which also proves its quality.  

The collection consists of women’s tops, dresses and bottoms with more dresses and sizes to be added soon.  

According to Shein, this will provide a space for more such experiments to happen in the coming time. They are even planning to extend their collection from just 15,00 product SKUs by September 2022. The future collection will include products made out of consciously sourced cotton and forest safe viscose.  

Other than environment-friendly fashion the brand is also getting into social work. The brand is planning to support some vital voices in the field of Non-profit organisations which promote women leaders who are tackling issues like violence against women and economic inequalities.  

Talking about the collection and the projects Adam Whinston global head of ESG at Shein says “We are committed to building a more responsible fashion ecosystem,”. He adds saying “Launching Evolushein is one important step in our sustainability commitments this year, which touches on each of our key focus areas – protecting the environment, supporting communities and empowering entrepreneurs. We invite all our partners and customers to join us in the journey.” 

Shein’s News page on Twitter has also announced the news on the social media site as they have an article written by the Media employees of the brand. They have informed the audience and the customers about the collection in detail. 

Shein is a fashion brand based in China which was started by Chris Xu in 2008. It is an e-retail for women’s apparel which gives out affordable deals on its products. The brand sells across the world including major economies like the USA.  

A few weeks ago, Shein was in News for raising its fund for about $100 million according to a report in Bloomberg. This made it the topmost e-retailer in fashion brands by putting it ahead of other big fashion brands like Intidex and H&M.  

Sustainable Fashion is a new way of producing fashion goods. This includes everything from choosing textiles which are eco-friendly to going for a production process which creates less harm to the environment. This kind of fashion is not just encouraged by the fashion brands but, is also widely accepted by the newer generation which further encourages more and more brands to switch to this kind of fashion.  

Some big brands like Levis, Adidas, Zara and others have started exploring Sustainable Fashion ideas. Some other brands like Vetta, Mix Mitti, Brogger and others are brands from all around the world which have started as sustainable fashion brands and are also doing seemingly well.  

Now, with Shein’s new collection; Revolushein the brand is also entering into the field of Sustainable Fashion. And not just that it is further planning to come up with more such collection of clothing which will be made out of eco-friendly textiles or materials and by using production techniques which will be environment-friendly. With this, the customers will be looking forward to how much they can grow with the new project.  

Edited By: Khushi Thakur

Published By: Mohammed Anees

Hridya Shrivastava
Hridya Shrivastava
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