Will incentivize skilled immigration and combat illegitimate immigration, claims Rishi Sunak.


On November 21, 2022, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak backed highly skilled immigration to the UK while pledging to combat unlawful immigration. A partnership with the European Union (EU), like there existed before Britain left the union, that involves a harmonization of regulations, was also disallowed by the prime minister.

Will incentivize skilled immigration and combat illegitimate immigration, claims Rishi Sunak.
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In his speech to the Federation of British Industry (CBI) at its annual meeting in Birmingham, Mr. Sunak emphasized the significance of innovation for the U.K

The field of artificial intelligence (AI), he said, was not a new technology alone but a “general purpose” innovation with a broad-reaching impact much like the microchip or the steam engine. “So we will unrelentingly create one of the world’s most appealing visa regimes for entrepreneurs and highly trained people,” he said.

We cannot permit the best And most advanced ability in the world to be drawn to America or China, Mr. Sunak said.

Will incentivize skilled immigration and combat illegitimate immigration, claims Rishi Sunak.
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The Prime Minister added that the British government needs to do more to foster trust and confidence in the system. “Re-establishing democratic legitimacy in our immigration process was one of the reasons we halted the free movement of workers,” he stated. That entails addressing illegal immigration. And I’m committed to accomplishing just that,” he declared.

Mr. Sunak is a backer of the divisive Rwanda policy put in place by the Boris Johnson administration. Certain asylum seekers—many of whom arrive in the UK on boats crossing the English Channel—are transferred to Rwanda as a result of this policy.

Suella Braverman promoted the Priti Patel-created idea, calling it her “dream” and “obsession” to deport migrants to Rwanda in remarks that sparked intense controversy. The European Court of Human Rights grounded the first deportation flight in June, therefore the policy has not yet been put into effect.

The conclusion of a trade agreement between the UK and India before the Deepavali deadline (October 24) was delayed by Ms. Braverman’s remarks in October about Indians being the largest group of visa overstayers. The deal is still being haggled over.

Image Source: Instagram/@rishisunakmp

No Conformity to EU Laws: Sunak

Regarding the issue of a trade agreement with the European Union (EU), the UK’s biggest export market, and a relaxation of immigration regulations in response to a labor shortage in the country, Mr. Sunak asserted that the absence of a deal might result in the harmonization of British and EU rules.

Currently, I support Brexit. I support Brexit and am confident that it will bring about and is now bringing about significant advantages and opportunities for the nation. Being an imminent matter, migration,” he remarked.

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