South Korea’s virtual social media influencer Rozy scores nearly 100 sponsorships


South Korean Virtual Instagram influencer Rozy, predicted to earn more than one billion Korean won.

Rozy is South Korea’s first virtual social media influencer, who stoles the look of a 22-year-old fashionist girl loving yoga, jogging, and travelling. She has 71k followers in her Instagram profile “rozy.gram”.

Her resemblance to the human had bought her plenty of fans. According to recent reports, she has received 100 sponsorships and many more to come. The prediction is that she will earn more than one billion Korean won (South Korean currency).

Who is Rozy?

At first look, she seems to be an ordinary Instagram influencer who posts greats deals and products. But is she real? No way, she is just a virtual influencer of South Korea created by Sidus Studio X with Artificial Intelligence technology in August 2020. 

But seeing her amazing photoshoots on Instagram, it’s tough to believe she is not a human. She was just born a year ago.

For the first three months, no one had noticed that Rozy was not human. The world of social media accepted her as a woman in sweet twenties, posting the fabulous picture.

The future of Rozy

The parent company, Sidus Studio X, stated that Rozy could only pose for photos and video at present, and they are planning to release the voice of Rozy very soon. Also, they are thinking about casting her in movies and dramas, which will be an entirely new experience. 

Currently, she can show nearly 800 expressions and moves extracted from an actor through 3D modelling technology.

Rozy already completed two advertisements this month and also has eight upcoming signed-up contracts.

Pros of Rozy

– Her perfectly tanned body, expressions, and harder-to-believe as not human-style won her many sponsorships.

– Rozy does not age, and she is forever 22 sweet girl.

– Shen never complains of tiredness and is even ready to work after a hectic day.

– Zero scandals 

– The parent company has already gained the profit they aim for while creating her.

Sidus Studio X is a content-creating production company that specialises in advertisements, animation, movie and video characters.

CEO of Sidus Studio, Mr Baek Seung Yeop, said that the motive behind creating Rozy was that, presently, actors are withdrawing from movies and advertisements due to controversies. In the case of a CGI, there is nothing to worry about scandals.

“Celebrities these days often drop out due to scandals, school, violence or bullying-related controversies. Virtual human beings, on the other hand, have no scandals to worry about”.

Within this short period, Rozy could win the heart of many people across the world. But many of her followers still couldn’t process the fact that she is a virtual influencer. 

Over the last few years, virtual influencers have replaced humans, which is found more beneficial.

Along with the list of many other top virtual influencers like Lil Miquela, Bermuda, Lil Wavi, Lu do Magalu, and Blawko, it seems that Rozy will also break the record and reach more viewers.

Rozy is very active on Instagram, like a typical young girl, and attracts followers through her various expressions and poses.

After casting an advertisement for Korean Insurance company Shinhan Life, Rozy’s dance moves went viral and got around 11 million views on YouTube. Her followers are curiously waiting to see her on big screens soon.

Hizana Farhath
Hizana Farhath
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