St Xavier’s asks Professor to pay 99 Crore for Having a Life 


The professor recently testified that the kangaroo trial was a witch hunt, and the authority lashed out at her Instagram posts.

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An assistant professor of SXU Kolkata was forced to resign from an Instagram post on her personal account. Since a former student was caught by his parents glancing at her Instagram vacation photos in a bodysuit. The result of it is the father drafting a complaint letter to the Nihil Ultra administration. It actually lets the authority terminate her teaching license. 

That’s not surprising from an institution hyper-obsessed with its catholic values and glory. But what is even more concerning is the fact that what makes the rule applicable for heteronormative stipulations? Should we really put our teachers on a pedestal they didn’t ask for? 

Convent education and Madrasas are the primary hubs of dogmatic mannerisms and are often flagbearers of morally compassing a woman. Its dismay that such rules are often inflicted on women while the men despite having controversial reputations make their way out. 

Convent education and Madrasas are the primary hubs of dogmatic mannerisms and are often flagbearers of morally compassing a woman. It is imperative to understand that expecting teachers to behave in particular imagery outside their workspaces really implies delimiting their autonomy.   

Ms. Guha who holds Ph.D. degrees from two European universities was forced to resign over “inappropriate and objectionable Instagram photos”. She alleged the Vice Chancellor and Registrar intimidated, bullied and made sexually colored remarks to her in front of an impromptu court on October 7th. After 10 months of being mansplained and harassed she finally had to let go of the job. 

Character Assasination

Professors get paid to impart their knowledge to you. Parents who expect them to live up to your ideals of dress code, and behavior and sometimes judge them for their personal life decisions are arbitrary. Teachers are idols for students is an argument enabled to always keep them under surveillance.

There are tons of gross indecency occurring at the level of state by male counterparts and they are often suppressed at the cost of protecting the University’s prestige. Should we really character assassinate female professors they are humans and are not entitled to live their lives in our fabricated ideas of them.

Moral Policing at Kangaroo Court

Decency in the classroom should not be put on a professor’s personal life choices. Had that been a make professor with five reported assault cases, he must have gone away with it.  

Be the burden of morality put on women professors and not on their colleagues? The faculty has a bunch of problematic male professors whose actions have remained unnoticed by the authority despite being reported. Deep layers of sexism, misogyny and chauvinistic bullying cultures are perpetrated on Women professors.

As Professor Guha writes, ” before the photos were shown to her, same pictures of her Instagram were circulated among seven members in the room, somewhere unknown to her before the official meeting whose gaze had created an extremely hostile environment for her”

After the insensitive acts by the SXU administration, they further went on to sue Dr Guha of 99 Crore on grounds of bringing innumerable shame to the university. Such feudal impulse by the authority is bleak for future academians to participate in Research and scholastic acts that need to be condemned in every way.






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