BJP need to take extra care for upcoming election.

2023 is here with elections

Let’s start 2023 by assuming the goosebumps we will receive this year. What can we hope to see in Indian Politics? What can be the turning points, and what will be the things that will notable for Political Ground? 2024 Will be the year of the Loksabha election, so 2023 is directly holding the ball which will be thrown on the ground of 2024 politics.


In the year 2023 the election of the northeast, south, and central India is going on. And 2023 is going full of actions just like 2022. You can check it

The year before a general election, especially when a government has been in power for two terms, is of great political importance. Till now we are seeing the ruling party BJP in good condition. Today it is mostly the BJP government, in 2019 it was mostly the NDA government. The main reason for this was the face of the Prime Minister, as per reports it is clear that 1/3rd voters vote for him because of Narendra Modi.

We saw in State legislative elections too that BJP is using the name of Modi only, then will be next line of leadership be vital? It should not be surprising if these numbers see an even stronger shift in favor of Modi’s personality. But what is the responsibility of other NDA candidates? If in 2024 they all seek votes in name of Modi, then is it not necessary for NDA to make them stronger?

So, this year is important for BJP too, they need to take proper consciousness of their leaders. The few weeks ago bad results are seen in the  Himachal Pradesh and Delhi Municipal Corporation elections.

Modi cannot seek votes from everywhere, leaders and BJP have to come forward if they want to retain their rule and power. The victory of the Congress in Himachal and the few seats won by AAP in the 2022 Gujarat elections have raised their political image among the masses and the image of BJP has got the impression that they can only run India in the name of Modi. Can’t run the government.

So, in the year 2023, the BJP should take extra care for the upcoming general elections. They just need to keep a keen eye on non-NDA parties and they’re strategy in 2023. State parties can create troubles for BJP in 2023, and so on. As we are seeing JMM-Jharkhand is not in the mode to settle down in front of the BJP.

It will be interesting to see how these non-NDA parties come together. Does he prefer a policy-based alliance to challenge the NDA or will he get caught in a leadership tussle? Had he been caught in the leadership battle, he would have been defeated by the BJP before the fight even started. More sophisticated development of programmatic alternatives may have greater political value but will also require greater political persuasion and skill.

But it is interesting to see the dog fights between BJP and others. While BJP needs to stay alert and raise their leaders to work and seek votes. And others all political party is wanting to throw BJP from the government.

Karnataka, the election is coming in this year and we will witness a straight fight between the BJP and the Congress.  And the result will be a booster for election -2024. And it will surely impact on the morale of the two key players BJP and Congress.

After that, we will see a heated state election in Madhya Pradesh towards the end of the year. This will be the main contest between BJP and Congress. While the AAP may try to project its political presence, there is little on the ground to show that it has made a political dent in these three states. Once again, these three polls are what some might call the semi-finals.

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Yet, as sporting events have shown, no semi-final result predicts where the final will go for sure! All in all, an exciting year ahead … so welcome,2023!

Kumari Khushboo

Completed Master's degree in Political Science from Ranchi. Now moving on to do Ph.D. in the same area. Hobbies include reading and analyzing on geopolitics, social change, gender rights and other world affecting recent scenarios. Took more interest in creative writing. Currently working as subject matter expert cum content writer in various universities.




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