The success story of pulse candy in the digital era


Who doesn’t like a good Candy? Certainly, we do! But what makes a Candy good? Well, according to DS group vice-chairman Rajiv Kumar “if the product is tangy, then your eyes should close automatically to relish it, or else it is no fun.” This statement by Rajiv Kumar completely fits into the success story of pulse candy.

DS group is the same company that manufactures pulse candy under its umbrella brand Pass Pass. In less than two years after its launch, candy crossed 300 crores in sales figures. Can you imagine how a 1 rupee candy became a central product in the confectionery market without any heavy marketing or any previous legacy, even in an era of technology where marketing matters a lot? 

Read this blog to learn about pulse’s success story in the digital era. 

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Table of contents:

  1. Rise Of Pulse Candy 
  2. Success Factors Of Pulse Candy 
  • Nothing beats the product 
  • Attractive packaging 
  • Value for money 
  • Word of mouth 
  • Excellent distribution network 
  1. Conclusion 

Rise of pulse candy 

Pulse was designed in 2013, and an internal product development team worked on it for two years. Finally, in mid-2015, the product was released in the Kachcha Aam (raw mango) flavor under its umbrella brand ‘Pass Pass.’ 

In addition, pulse was introduced in Guava and Orange flavors across India. Within eight months of its launch, pulses clocked 100 crores in sales figures, which meant that the country had already tasted the candy considering the candy costs only one rupee. After that, the company had crossed 300 crores in sales figures in less than two years.

Success Factors Of Pulse Candy

The success story of pulse proved that in this digital era, there is still the existence of advertising that truly stands out; below, we have discussed those methods.

Nothing beats the product

Having a great product is arguably one of the best ways to lead the market. Consumers are always searching for a great product as they do not want to waste their time worrying about the products or purchases. Everyone likes a reliable product. 

Here, pulse took out the game as the idea for the product was based on the fact that raw mango with salt is a reasonably common snack in many regions of India. So it was a tried-and-true combo, and presenting it as candy was an original thought as candies were becoming more prominent in India then.

Attractive packaging

When was the last time you looked at a premium-looking product with attractive packaging that didn’t catch your attention? Probably never! Moreover, Pulse took it to another level as they offer candy for a minimal price of one rupee, which is the bare minimum for a product that looks premium. 

This product stood out from the competition and defended its price more than other brands by maintaining a premium, modern package. In addition, a product with a premier appearance and feel, such as a shiny finish wrapper, inspires trust in the buyers.

Value for money

In today’s time, what gives you an optimal experience at a rupee price? Presumably nothing. However, Pulse succeeded in doing so. They launched the cady for a fee of one rupee, which helped them stand out among others as this is what in many instances would make the product satisfying because it will be able to provide something that others may not be able to, making it an essential factor.

Word of mouth 

Marketing helps brands to achieve their business goals. But no form of marketing wins Over word of mouth. In the case of Pulse, it proved to be an arrow in the command without any incurring significant marketing expenses. 

The pulse experience is so delightful that everyone who tastes it refers to someone else. Especially smokers who buy candy or mouth fresheners for themselves and anyone who visits a pan shop for a smoke buy. With their recommendation, the entire group converts into a buyer within a matter of days once one group member has a great brand experience.

Excellent distribution network 

The success of any product heavily depends on its distribution network. If the product can’t reach the market uniformly, the product will not achieve the desired success. Luckily, the DS group has a strong presence in pan stores across India thanks to its famous brands such as Rajnigandha pan masala, PassPass mouth freshener, and so on. Hence, the corporation was able to ensure the brand’s availability across the country. You can see that Pulse is available everywhere, from Paan stores in Nukkad to Fancy stores in Plazas.


The success story of Pulse Candy reinforces the old marketing mantra for making successful brand excellence at every stage of product management, backed with consumer insights and product innovation. 

The main thing to learn from Pulse’s success story is that businesses should focus more on making a solid product leaving the promotion to agencies. An instrumental product can easily win over prospects through word of mouth if marketing strategies are followed correctly. 

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