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International Girl Child Day: The Unseen Barriers of Women Risers

Happy International Girl Child Day

What are the skills required for Web 3.0 innovation?

 Image source- ABPIProtocol  In an era of rapid digital threats, the web is an increasingly hostile domain. Web 3.0 is the vision of an ecosystem...

Blockchain Wars, How it May Revolutionize the Currency of the Near Future

The new talk of the town when it comes to currency is crypto. Be it business tycoons, the common person, or even entire governments...

The World Of Cryptocurrency And An Analysis Of The Top Ten Coins

HOW IS CRYPTOCURRENCY DEFINED?  At its heart, cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency meant for online use. Cryptocurrency enables value to be transferred online without...

Crypto conclave: Crypto Blockchain the brain and the inevitable future

It was the first Business Today Crypto Conclave, and Kunal Nandwani, the co-founder of uTrade Solutions, Deepak Bagla, MD and CEO of Invest India,...

Ape Rave Club to Become First NFT Artist to Perform at Tomorrowland

Ape Rave Club to Become First NFT Artist to Perform


Taking a Covid- 19 vaccine doesn’t bind anyone, the government announces SC.

Vaccine donors have an occasion to pierce further information...

Do’s and Don’ts of Vitamin C

Do’s and Don’ts of Vitamin C If you're a skincare...

Air pollution burden on Stillborn babies

A group of researchers in China found a relationship between rates of stillborn babies and measures of fine particulate in the air.