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Let me begin by dissecting this term metaverse. Metaverse originated in the 1992, in a novel titled “Snow Crash” of genre “science fiction”. The author of the novel “Neal Stephenson” coined the term metaverse where meta means “beyond” and “verse” means universe. And plot of this fiction was that metaverse was a small place in virtual world and the characters in the novel could go there to escape the dreary totalitarian system of politics. No doubt that now “Mark Zuckerberg” the CEO and co-founder of Facebook got inspired from this tale and has started to bring this metaverse (a virtual place) to reality. The first step on the ladder was when he rebranded his Facebook as meta. Now he has publicized metaverse to be the web 3.0 or next generation of internet.

Life in the Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg’s introduction of the Metaverse has created ripples online. It was a surprising declaration about technology’s effect. Read more…